Hypnosis Dave Elman Induction

The Dave Elman Induction is perhaps the most important induction for any hypnotist to learn. When delivered with confidence, it consistently produces a deep level of hypnosis with any willing subject. If you’re interested in learning hypnosis, start with THIS induction.

Dave Elman Induction Video Demo

This VIDEO by Canadian Hypnotist Mike Mandel demonstrates the Dave Elman induction in it’s original format.

The Progressive Relaxation Induction Conspiracy!

Before I go into why any aspiring Jedi MUST learn the Dave Elman Induction, let me point out where you should NOT be wasting your time.

It’s a pet peeve of mine that most hypnosis certification courses emphasize students must learn the so called “Progressive Relaxation” induction. I thank my lucky stars I never wasted time with it.

The progressive relaxation induction requires the subject to imagine successively relaxing their body in phases from head to toe. This hypnosis induction is fine for hobbyists and amateurs, but progressive relaxation doesn’t fly for successful pros who are hypnotizing people every day, all day long because:

  • It’s boring!
  • There’s no feedback to know if the subject is following the instructions?
  • There’s no feedback to test if hypnosis has even been achieved!?
  • It plain and simple doesn’t work well with analytical people. Think engineers, CPAs, lawyers, doctors, etc.  In other words, professionals who have plenty of money to pay for hypnosis sessions!

Enter the Dave Elman Induction

Dave Elman Induction
Dave Elman, 1900-1967

Dave Elman was perhaps the greatest hypnotist of all time. I consider his book, Hypnotherapyone of the top three books in my hypnosis library.

He spent a good portion of his career teaching physicians how to utilize hypnosis in their medical practices. Realizing that doctors are busy and perhaps even skeptical about their ability to utilize hypnosis successfully, Dave Elman taught them methods of hypnosis that were fast and demonstrably effective.

His well-known hypnosis induction was the first rapid, systemized approach to consistently achieve the deep level of trance known as somnambulism.

Somnambulism is the Key

This is the deep, working level of hypnosis. Somnambulism is required to do regression work in hypnotherapy. Somnambulism is the desired level of trance for volunteers participating in a Stage Hypnosis Show in order to experience more advanced hypnotic phenomena. It makes sense to master an induction that results in verifiable somnambulism.

If McDonald’s were in the hypnosis business, they’d be using the Dave Elman Induction. It may or may not be the best induction on the planet, but it produces very consistent results with virtually everyone. That’s very good for business!

Benefits of the Dave Elman Induction

  • It’s rapid. Four minutes or less!
  • It includes compliance testing. The subject must pass each phase successfully, before you guide them into the next phase.
  • It’s a systemized approach to induce hypnosis. Learnable, repeatable, and consistently applied.

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9 comments on “Hypnosis Dave Elman Induction

  1. Hi Erick
    I have been reading your article on the elman and i use it a lot. I struggle with analytical people. What induction do you find is best for this type? Any information and your experience would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks,

  2. Hello, I am sincerely interested in learning Stage Hypnosis and not really sure how to identify a worthwhile live program. Aside from the Dave Elman induction are there other things I should look for? Or avoid? Thanks.

    • Hi Steve,
      Do some research and see if you can take a course from someone who has really made a business out of stage hypnosis. Also, have they performed significantly in the types of venues that you want to perform in yourself?

      Someone who is performing, A LOT, is going to have more insightful perspectives than someone who is not a regular performer.

  3. Hi Erick,
    I like your show, amazing show! Do you use Dave Elman Induction to the volunteers on your show? I used it, but works not very well to the group people, any suggestion? If that is possible to watch your Induction part of your show online?

  4. Now I can understand the hypnotist I met once was practizing the progressive relaxation induction. His aim was to teach fast the self-hypnosis. But that didn’t work really .

    • Hi Jean-Pierre!
      Many people really like a progressive relaxation induction for their own use in self hypnosis. When working with other people, however, it is neither fast nor particularly effective when compared to the Dave Elman induction.

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