Motivational Entertainment Hypnotist Shows

People are still talking about the event and how great it was…

This client is a dental organization providing health services at six locations throughout North Carolina . They have an Annual Summit where they get all the offices together for a day of fun team building, motivational entertainment, and lots of laughs!

Motivational Entertainment Hypnosis Show!
Motivational Entertainment Hypnosis Show!

Motivational Entertainment Testimonial

THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION for making our event the most memorable ever!

Was I able to “WOW” your audience? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

Did the performance volunteers have fun? YES!!!!

Were people still talking about the performance the next day? STILL TALKING ABOUT IT OVER A WEEK LATER!

We send out a post event survey each year. This by far has had the most positive response in regards to the entertainment!

Although this year’s event was wonderful, I think we shot ourselves in the foot… are we ever going to be able to top your performance next year!?!?!?

People are still talking about the event and how great it was. Participants were amazed and continually share their experience. Thank you so very much for making this event so memorable.

You and your team were so easy to work with from booking, preparation, etc. You truly wanted the event to be successful. I loved the fact that you provided all the promotional materials, etc.

Thank you!

Hope Zivitski and the entire ROYAL OAK TEAM!
Hope Zivitski, Regional Manager
Royal Oak Dental Group

Motivational Entertainment - Teambuilding Hypnotist
Motivational Corporate Entertainment – The Royal Oak Dental Group Management Team with Hypnotist Erick Känd

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