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Comedy Hypnotist Erick Känd
Corporate Event Entertainment

You’ve got ONE chance to make your event unforgettable. DON’T BLOW IT!

Erick Känd performs ENGAGING, clean comedy Corporate Hypnotist Shows that IGNITE audiences across the nation. It’s the funniest corporate entertainment performance you’ll ever see.

Once the show gets rolling, the laughter is non-stop. It’s impossible to look away, because the interactive nature of the performance is so compelling.

Who else wants an audience on the edge of their seats, completely engaged, and laughing out loud?

Corporate Entertainment. Comedy stage hypnotist in Tampa, Florida.
Corporate Entertainment Stage Hypnosis that has everyone laughing out loud!

  • After Dinner Entertainment

  • Awards Banquets

  • Company Holiday Parties

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Association Conferences

  • Client Appreciation Events

  • Conference Kick-Offs

  • Sales Meeting Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment that THRILLS

The engaging Corporate Hypnotist Comedy Show combines audience participation, music, and the unpredictability of improvisational comedy. Hypnotized volunteers role-play in humorous comedy routines that are not offensive or embarrassing in any way.

Erick Känd is a highly interactive entertainer, and an ideal choice for your event, because he ENGAGES, MOTIVATES, and UNIFIES your audience. It’s the perfect corporate entertainment idea with broad based appeal.

Why Choose this Corporate Hypnotist Show Over Other Comedy Hypnotist Entertainers?

Erick Känd is a specialist in the corporate entertainment market. He has done hundreds of shows at events just like yours!

Your audience deserves an experienced and energetic corporate event entertainer known for fast paced performances that are uncompromising on quality or fun!

He radiates confidence to his volunteers and encourages them to display their talents while ensuring that each Corporate Hypnotist show appeals to the tastes of everyone at your event.

And let’s face it, hiring a “comedy club” type of entertainer for your event could result in exposing your guests to “off-color” humor. You should never have to worry about this type of embarrassment in a professional environment.

With Erick Känd, you will always receive a proven, clean comedy Corporate Hypnotist Show that is hilarious without resorting to any type of material that anyone would find offensive.

Corporate Hypnotist Entertainment that Thrills Your Audience!
Corporate Hypnotist Entertainment that Thrills Your Audience!

The Corporate Entertainment Hypnotist

Take the worry out of planning your event.  Feel secure knowing that you are working with a proven corporate entertainer that has been a huge success at hundreds of corporate events across the USA.

Corporate Comedy Hypnotist Erick Känd creates an environment that is both positive and engaging. Event planners from top companies agree: The Corporate Hypnotist Show is a sure hit!

Your guests will laugh, cheer, and share memories about their enjoyable experience for weeks!

Corporate Hypnotist Entertainment Clients
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Tampa corporate hypnotist show audience. Florida corporate event entertainment.
Corporate Hypnosis Show Audience Fully Engaged and Applauding Wildly!

Corporate Hypnotist Entertainment Testimonials

..everyone had a great time! ...lots of fun! I thought it was a blast...
Jon Brooks, Manager of Marketing and Events
City of Cortez, CO

Professional on stage, entertaining and funny. Everything went really well from pre-event to post-event.
Corrie Fisher, Program Coordinator
Iowa Concrete Paving Association

Everyone had a great time...nothing but favorable comments.
Douglas Adcock, Manager, Retail Development
Tennessee Farmers Cooperative received has been really positive on the performance.
Heather Buckley, Marketing & Volunteer Manager
National Park Medical Center, AR

...amazed at the performance...all positive feedback. Great job.
Ashley Aguilar, McLane Company Southwest, TX

Love it...They like the way you kept it alive.
Rick B. Calacci, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment Sales
LG Electronics, USA

...exactly what we were looking for...hilarious and extremely entertaining.
Amanda Granger, Marketing Manager
FourStar Freightliner, FL

...humor filled, but not demeaning or embarrassing in any way...had an amazing time, and joy filled the room.
Penney Hemby, Vice President/Compliance Officer
City National Bank, TX

...loved the program...everyone interested, engaged, and most important, you kept everyone smiling. 100% all around.
Deb Zelnio, Vice President of Marketing, GA

...favorite comments were, “It was just a good way to end the day,”...“I’ve never laughed so hard,”...YES! Your show delivered...
Karla Turner, Events Coordinator | Child Care Assistance
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

...engaged the entire time...kept laughing and talking about it!
Mariana Tomlinson, Public Relations Director

Valley Regional Medical Center, TX

It was a hit all around..."Great show, loved it."
Randall Hartman, Manager Training
Truly Nolen Pest Control, AZ

...really enjoyed it! Lots of discussion on who was actually hypnotized, etc.
Zenna Steiger, HR Director
Rhodes 101 Stores, MO

...heard nothing but great things from everyone...
Chelsea Ross, Events Manager
Tri-Ed Distribution, NY

...fabulous were a huge part of the success.
Andrea Morse, CFO

ARAG North America

...wowed us! ...long time since I've laughed that hard.
Tom Robbins, Director Operations
Max Arnold & Sons, LLC, KY

...tremendous show! Feedback has been nothing but positive.
Brian Leist, Service Autopilot, TX

Erick had us all laughing hysterically in our chairs...
Brandon Yott, Product Development
The Agromart Group, Canada

Awesome! Amazing! Unbelievable!
Lynne Novelli, Executive Assistant
1847 Financial, PA

...members praised Erick for his humor and audience engagement.
Toni Starick, Manager
Trilogy Vineyards at Marsh Creek, CA

...finest show yet. Had the most fun in a long time.
Josh Dubreuil, HR Director,
Idahoan Foods

They loved it...All enthusiastic!
Teresa Sims,
Advanced Composites, TN

...entertaining and amazing...
Pat Salamone, Finance Manager
Renewal by Andersen, NY

...all I can say is WOW!!!!...everyone was engaged and the laughter was heard throughout the room.
Sharon Coburn, Manager, Business Development

I literally cried tears of laughter during your show.
Sarah Wolford, Artistic Director
Academy Theater, PA

...very impressed with the performer...amazing.
Claudy Pierson, Internet and CSI Director
Keith Pierson Toyota, FL continues to talk about the show...the laughter is contagious.
Randy Roush, CEO
Berry Family of Nurseries, TX

...laughed until I hurt!
Marlene Steiner, Education Chair
Texas Foster Family Association

…a tremendous success.
William Balduino, President
Credit Research Foundation, MD

...brought the house down...great entertainment!
Ashley Crampon, Executive Assistant to RVP
Frito-Lay, AL

...tremendous hypnosis show they've seen.
Heath Stencel, General Manager
Longmeadow Resort, CO

I seriously haven't laughed that hard in entertainment we've ever had!
Sara Crum, McAllister Software

Everyone was in exceeded expectations.
Dan Grover, Category Advisor Manager
Kraft Foods, AR

...only positive feedback. Everyone loved the performance.
Brad Holley, SE States Pupil Transportation Conference, AL far the best GVC Christmas party to date!
Kim Todd, GVC Mortgage, IN was fantastic!!! Our clients loved every bit of it.
Michael Quinn, Director of Operations
Heartland Campus Solutions

...thrilled with the performance...still talking about it.
Dawn Arredondo, 3M Company

...booked some very exciting acts over the years...your stage hypnosis show has taken the top spot in the eyes of our employees.
David Gebhart, VP of Human Resources
Thompson Cigar Co, FL

...laughing so hard they had tears rolling down their faces!
Marilyn Lawrence, Executive Director
International Municipal Signal Association, NY

...organized, professional, and a lot of fun.
Bernie Mitchell, Grottoes of North America, OH

...great comments on how much fun was had by all.
Sally Anderson, Home Office Manager
Credit Central, SC

...rave reviews about your show...good, clean comedy entertainment.
Tammy Womack, Reeves Construction, GA

We send out a post event survey each year. This by far had the most positive response in regards to the entertainment!
Hope Zivitski, Regional Manager
Royal Oak Dental Group, NC

..everything was great...very entertaining, and educational too!
Georgia Thorson, Project Manager
Refinish Distributors Alliance, TN

..thrilled to have you here...a different and unique experience!
Natalie Neil, Events Coordinator
Savanna Club HOA, FL

...hire and recommend you again in a heartbeat...entertaining, reasonably priced, and brings a unique performance that most people have never experienced.
Annie Yuzzi, Sr. Director, Corporate Event Marketing
Sumo Logic, CA

...performance was amazing...everyone had so much fun!
Molly Hicks, Executive Assistant
1st Franklin Financial, GA

...went over very well...made for an enjoyable evening.
Holly Dillon, Executive Assistant
GameStop, TX

Tons of fun, and very different for all of us...definitely recommend it.
Michael Vedda, VP of Sales, Americas
Dell EMC, TX amazing job...literally blew our team away.
Mitch Blum, President
Go2events, FL

...wonderful amazing experience.
Cathy Levesque, CEO
Stadium Theatre, RI

...engaging, professional and funny.
Jacqueline Swank, Marketing Manager

AUL Corp, CA

...everyone had a great time...still talking about it...
Bill Eichelberger, President and CEO
eciGroup, PA

...compliments, laughs and stories...still happening at the office...
Katie Stanley, Team Leader, Corporate Affairs
Renewable Energy Group, IA

...outstanding job...a fantastic time...great comments.
Kenda Sweet Events Inc, SC

Very entertaining. Enjoyed watching people on stage...Everything went perfect.
Karen Pagitt, Executive Administrator
TX Asphalt Pavement Association amazing time they will not soon forget.
Gina Martin, Executive Assistant
CSX Transportation, FL

...amazing buzzing with good feedback...huge success.
Danielle DeBiase, Customer Support Specialist
Crestron Electronics, NJ

...first time used a hypnotist to entertain. We picked the right one.
Kermit E. Gruelich, VP of Purchasing
Winkler Inc, IN

...loved the evening! many Facebook posts and great comments.
Rick Lott, Executive Director
Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, GA

...still talking about it and amazed...a great experience.
Deb Clark, Executive Assistant
A/Z Corporation, CT was a great success...we had so much fun!
Katelyn Penn, Events Manager
Villa Healthcare Management, IL

...that special "new" something we hoped to provide...
Teddy Fine, Creative Director
Philly Pretzel Factory, PA

Best entertainment we've had at a Christmas party yet!
Melissa McHenry, Systems Contracting Corporation, AR

...amazing show...nothing but positive feedback...this year's party was the best ever.
Justin Goff, Blue Bell Creameries

...exciting and smooth and professional.
Katerina Doeur, Daniels Manufacturing Corporation, FL

...didn't even consider anyone else...funny, professional...
Jeff Kempker, Assistant Executive Secretary
Missouri Local Govt Employees Retirement System

...anticipation among our group was did not disappoint!
Bob Whitlock, Chairman
PA Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

...your performance at our Retreat was outstanding. Everyone enjoyed it and the feedback was excellent.
Carolyn Weber, Executive VP
RE/MAX of NY corporate entertainer...never heard so much laughter...
Kathy Muller, Director of Operations
RxPlus Pharmacies,

...absolutely delightful...highlight of our conference.
Teresa Lowry, Director, Marketing Communications
Amarr Garage Doors, NC

...billing your performance as the best event yet!
Jana Abrams, Human Resources
Atlantic Urological Associates, FL

...clean and fun entertainment...the laughter never stopped.
Sarah Lacey, Ayres-Rice Insurance

...haven't laughed so hard in a very long time...they've been talking about it all week.
Jennifer Lugar, Standard Pacific Homes, FL

I knew when we spoke that you would be great fun, but you just blew the crowd away!
Kristin Draper, American Brush Manufacturers Assocation, MA

...highlight of the evening and we could not have asked for more... made my job so easy!
Cindy Smartt, Producer
Smartt Entertainment, CA of the greatest corporate events we've had!
Clint Boldt, HR Director
Wet 'n Wild Amusement Park, FL

...still talking about how great the Hypnosis Show was.
Susan Kenney, Director of Business Development
Muscular Dystrophy Assoc, CA

Our audience was blown away by the performance.
Lynette Baranowski, Marketing Communications Manager
Tri-Ed Distribution, NY

...exceeded my expectations...great job of capturing people at their funniest moments!
Mary Walsh, Chief of Staff
San Diego Sheriff's Dept, CA

...laughed until they cried...STILL talking about the evening at this morning's breakfast.
Susan Robertson, Promotions Manager
Urban Retail Properties, FL

...difficult task of booking someone for next year keeping in mind your show was fantastic!
Christina Munday, Executive Assistant
PMD Furniture Direct, OH

Florida Corporate Entertainment Hypnotist Erick Kand.
Corporate Entertainment Hypnotist Shows Create a “Buzz” of Anticipation at Your Event! – © Jolie Loren Photography

Corporate Hypnotist Clients:

  • 1847 Financial, PA
  • 1st Franklin Financial, GA
  • 3M Company
  • Academy Theater, PA
  • ADSC International Association of Foundation Drilling
  • Advanced Composites, TN
  • Advertising Specialty Institute
  • ADVO Marketing
  • AFLAC Insurance
  • Agromart Group, Canada
  • Alabama Propane Gas Association
  • Amarr Garage Doors
  • America Online
  • American Brush Manufacturers
  • American Foundry Society
  • American Public Gas Association
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Professional Estimators
  • American Water Works Association
  • ARAG North America, IA
  • Association of Marketing Service Providers
  • Atlantic Urological Association, FL
  • Atrium Centers, OH
  • AUL Corporation, CA
  • Aurora Parts & Accessories, IN
  • A/Z Corporation, CT
  • Bainbridge Companies, FL
  • Baptist Healthcare System, TN
  • BD Worldwide
  • Bell Memorial Hospital, MI
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream, AL
  • Berry Family of Nurseries, OK
  • Brownsville Economic Council, TX
  • Buckhorn-Myers Industries
  • Central Garden & Pet
  • Central Plains Cement, MO
  • Century Realty Funds, FL
  • Chabad of the Valley, CA
  • Chaznline Construction, MT
  • Chipotle, TX
  • Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Child Care Assistance
  • Citibank
  • City National Bank, TX
  • City of Cortez, CO
  • CMC Steel, AR
  • Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort, ID
  • Cooperative Resources International
  • Costco, CA
  • Cott Beverages, FL
  • Covenant Hospice, FL
  • CPA Marketing Genius, LLC
  • Credit Central, SC
  • Credit Research Foundation
  • Crestron Electronics, NY
  • Cruisers Yachts, WI
  • CSX Transportation, FL
  • Custom Communications, NC
  • Daniels Manufacturing, FL
  • Davidoff of Geneva, FL
  • Delaware Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Dell EMC, TX
  • Diagnostica Stago, NJ
  • DOW Electronics, FL
  • Drug, Chemical, & Associated Technologies Association
  • ECI Group, PA
  • Effingham Chamber of Commerce, GA
  • Embassy Suites Hotels
  • EMC Technology, FL
  • Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Episcopal Children's Services
  • Ernst & Young, CPA
  • Experian Data Quality, MA
  • Eze Castle Integration, CT
  • Farmers Telephone Cooperative, SC
  • FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association
  • Florida Amusement Association
  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • Florida Roofing Contractors Assoc
  • Florida Vascular Society
  • Forcum Lannom Contractors
  • Four Star Freightliner, FL
  • Frito-Lay
  • GameStop, TX
  • Greystar, FL
  • GVC Mortgage, IN
  • Halliburton Energy Services, TX
  • Heartland Campus Solutions
  • Hello Florida! DMC
  • Hi-Line, Inc, TX
  • HPS Inc, MI
  • Hunting Dearborn, NH
  • Idahoan Foods, ID
  • Independent Insurance Agents of NC, SC
  • Inmarsat Government, DC
  • Insight Weekly Magazine, NY
  • Insigniam, CA
  • Intermex Money Transfer, FL
  • International Association of Ice Cream Distributors
  • International Municipal Signal Association
  • Iowa Concrete Pavement Association
  • Island View Casino, MS
  • Johnson & Johnson Insurance
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Kadar Orthodontics, NJ
  • Keith Pierson Toyota, FL
  • Kevin Harvick (NASCAR), NC
  • Koorsen Fire & Security
  • Kraft Foods, AL

  • LG Electronics, U.S.A.
  •, GA
  • Maine Drilling & Blasting
  • Martin-Brower Company
  • Maryland Multi-Housing Association
  • McAllister Software, MO
  • McLane Company, SC, TX
  • Mercer Transportation, KY
  • Mercy Wellness, CA
  • Michigan Association of Physical Plant Administrators
  • Missouri Funeral Directors Association
  • MO Local Government Employees Retirement System
  • MJ Hall Insurance Company, CA
  • MMM Plumbing, Heating & AC, TX
  • MobileIron, CA
  • Montana Farmers Union
  • Morristown Utilities, TN
  • Mountaintop Golf Club, NC
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Muskingum Convention Center, OH
  • National Association of Surety Bond Producers
  • National Association of Tax Professionals
  • National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs
  • National Credit Reporting Association
  • National Park Medical Center, AR
  • National Telecommunications Cooperative
  • New York Coal Trade Association
  • New York Insurance Association
  • NCSoft, CA
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • OPL Charities, FL
  • Paramount Builders, VA
  • Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Pet Valu, PA
  • Philip Morris USA
  • Philly Pretzel Factory, PA
  • PMD Furniture Direct, OH
  • Premier Marekting, NE
  • PRIDE Community Services, WV
  • Princess Cruise Line
  • Princeton Group for Dental Excellence, NJ
  • Prospect Bank, IL
  • Purosystems
  • Reed Business Information
  • Reeves Construction, GA
  • Refinish Distributors Alliance, TX
  • Regional Women's Health Group, NJ
  • RE/MAX of New York
  • Renewable Energy Group, IA
  • Renewal by Andersen, NY
  • Rhodes 101, MO
  • Rizza & Associates Financial, NY
  • Royal Oak Dental Group, NC
  • RTA Fleet Management Services
  • RxPlus Pharmacies, CO
  • Ryland Homes
  • SAAB Aerotech
  • Saxon Business Systems, FL
  • SDL Content Management, NY
  • Service Autopilot, TX
  • Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference, AL
  • Seminole Casino Brighton, FL
  • Seminole Electric Company, FL
  • Siemens Industry, GA
  • Solstice RTC, UT
  • SpecialtyRx, NY
  • Spectra Contract Flooring
  • Stadium Theatre, RI
  • St Petersburg Yacht Club, FL
  • Standard Pacific Homes
  • Sumo Logic, CA
  • Sweetwater Homes
  • Sylectus, MI
  • Systems Contracting, AR
  • Tennessee Farmers Cooperative
  • Terry Labonte's Roam for a Home Foundation, TX
  • Texas Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Texas Foster Family Association
  • The Iowa Clinic, IA
  • The Melting Pot Restaurants
  • Thompson Cigar Company, FL
  • Tiger Correctional Services, AR
  • Toys R Us
  • Transland Financial
  • Tri-Ed Distribution, NY
  • Trilogy Vineyards, CA
  • Truly Nolen Pest Control, AZ
  • United Dairymen of Idaho
  • United Professional Horsemen's Association, MA
  • United Van Lines, Canada
  • Urban Retail Properties, FL
  • US Lawns, FL
  • US Navy Support & Recreation, FL
  • Valley Regional Medical Center, TX
  • Virginia Wholesalers Association
  • Verizon, FL
  • Villa Healthcare Management, IL
  • Water Environment Association of South Carolina
  • Wayne Homes, OH
  • Weatherstone Mortgage, NY
  • Wellcare Health Plans, FL
  • Wesco Distribution
  • Wet 'n Wild Amusement Park, FL
  • Winkler Wholesale Grocers, IN
  • Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
  • Wolverton Pet, MI
  • Working Women's Survival Show, MO
  • And Many More!

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