Clean Comedy Hypnotist “Wows” Farmers Cooperative

This client is a regional state Farmers Cooperative. They supply all of the county co-ops with product (seed, feed, chemicals, fertilizer, etc.) The attendees at this event are their county co-op buyers and trade show vendors.

Most of the attendees come in from small farming communities in rural areas around the state. While it’s a conservative group, they’re definitely ready to have some fun when they come in for this event in the “big city”!

Farmers Cooperative Buyers Show Headliner Entertainment Hypnotist
Farmers Cooperative Buyers Show Headliner Entertainment Hypnotist

After a full day of education, networking, and a trade show, my Hypnosis Show performance was made possible exclusively through the support of the Co-op Premier Vendors. Past entertainers at this event have been Comedian James Gregory (“The Funniest Man in America”), and nationally known musical acts Charlie Daniels, and Sawyer Brown.

The Clean Comedy Hypnotist Show acted as the final “headliner” event of the conference. The client goal for the performance was to entertain the guests, while making the event fun and memorable. Mission accomplished!

Farmers Coop Hypnotist Show Testimonial

Farmers Cooperative Hypnotist Entertainer
Hypnotist Erick Känd at Farmers Coop Buyers Show

Was I able to “WOW” your audience?
Did the performance volunteers have fun?
YES, Very much.

Did people continue to talk about the program?
YES, and still talking about it this week.

What did people say about the program?
Everyone had a great time, and were very interested in the Hypnotist Show. We’ve heard nothing but favorable comments. You were definitely “with” everyone.

I found you very cooperative and easy to work with prior to the show. Your performance was very good, and held everyone’s interest.

I was impressed to see you were available after the show, and willing to talk to our guests. Thanks for a great show!!
Douglas Adcock
Manager, Retail Development
Tennessee Farmers Cooperative



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