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Clean Comedy High School Hypnotist Erick Känd

High School Entertainment that Creates Unforgettable Memories!

High School Hypnotist Erick Känd works with entertainment committees across the USA to create unforgettable campus events. The Comedy Hypnosis Show is safe, family friendly entertainment that is suitable for any type of campus event.

The performance has a sensational quality that appeals to students who are otherwise difficult to impress. Yet, administrators and parents will be pleased with the content. Your self-selecting audience volunteers become the actual stars of the show!

This performance is the perfect high school entertainment choice for:

  • Assemblies

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Project Graduation

  • Homecoming

  • Post Prom

  • Senior Breakfast

The High School Hypnotist Show is a fun, energetic, and tastefully delivered program designed to truly engage your students. Imagine your students:

  • Laughing hysterically,

  • Applauding wildly, and

  • Participating enthusiastically!

The additional benefit of this program is that your students learn the truth about hypnosis and their own inherent abilities to employ visualization techniques to increase their self-esteem, sharpen their study skills, and achieve their goals.

Project Graduation and Post Prom Events

Graduation is a once in a lifetime event! Many communities celebrate this milestone by planning “all-nighter” parties for their high school seniors.

Some communities call this party “Project Graduation” and hold it on graduation day.

Other communities hold a similar party on the night of the Senior Prom and call it the “Post Prom” or “After Prom” party.

The idea is to host an incredible party for the students while creating an environment that is guaranteed to be safe and alcohol free.

High school entertainment committees are often perplexed about how to keep their students engaged for such an extended period of time?

Comedy Hypnotist High School Shows based out of Tampa, Florida
Interactive High School Hypnotist Shows that engage and enthrall your students!

What’s the most most requested annual activity at these events? The Erick Känd High School Hypnotist Show!

The show is the most engaging and eagerly anticipated activity of the evening. It’s no exaggeration to say that the show will keep 100% of your students absolutely enthralled for the duration of the performance.

SAFE High School Entertainment

Your audience experiences maximum fun in the context of a safe environment for the students to enjoy themselves.

High School Hypnotist Erick Känd carries a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy. He has never had a claim or accident and does not expect one. This insurance is in place because you are working with a high school entertainment professional.

Hypnosis itself is absolutely safe. Sometimes people ask if it is possible to get “stuck” in the trance state? The answer is no, that’s impossible.

The trance state is very similar to daydreaming. Nobody every gets “stuck” in a daydream, or trapped in the middle of an afternoon nap! It’s a strange but natural phenomena, engagingly revealed by your high school entertainer and well-known hypnosis expert, Erick Känd.

What the general public does not realize is that hypnosis is a state of intense mental focus, like being “in the zone” level of peak performance.

As with any audience participation program, it’s necessary to exercise care to prevent the possibility of on-stage accidents such as spraining an ankle, etc.

Every precaution is taken to ensure the well being of the student participants at all times. The kids will NOT be out of control at all. The participants will be well managed and in control the entire time.

Student Appropriate Content

Unlike other Comedy Hypnotists who embarrass their participants with routines that are only appropriate for an adult nightclub, this show provides hilarious high school entertainment without resorting to cheap laughs.

This is the safe, conservative, clean comedy show that you can feel good about booking for your milestone event. You’ll get an outstanding performance that is both administrator approved and enthusiastically received by your students.

High School Hypnotist Shows for Project Graduation and Post Prom events!
High School Hypnotist Shows for Project Graduation and Post Prom events!

High School Hypnotist Entertainment

Clean comedy High School Hypnotist Erick Känd has an impeccable, trouble free record of hundreds of shows at events just like the one you’re planning.

He’s a specialist in high school entertainment and is well aware of the needs and concerns of parents and school administrators.

You can have confidence that your event will not only be entertaining, but will also be completely safe!

The High School Hypnotist Comedy Show is a highly anticipated part of the annual event calendar at schools nationwide.

Inquire early about availability for your event date to avoid disappointment!

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High School Hypnotist Testimonials

...they were so's a great show and the kids love it!!
Sophie Jones, Project Graduation Co-Chair
Lake Travis High School, TX

...heard from kids as well as parents...great time, great performance!
Jody Neuhalfen, Post Prom Chair
Crofton High School, NE

...great, the kids really liked it. We were very happy with the show.
Mark Luetschwager, Principal
Amherst High School, WI

...performance was great! ...incredibly impressed. Your show was the highlight of the evening.
Jacob Henning, Assistant Principal
Wichita Northwest High School Project Graduation, KS

...WOWed our students...everything was great.
Joy Norman, Assistant Principal
Dyersburg High School, TN

...really enjoyed your performance...awesome!
Susan Thompson, Parent
Lake Travis High School Project Graduation, TX

...very entertaining, and a very good show for teens!
Kristy Jahnke, Parent
West Point-Beemer High Post Prom, NE

...very enthusiastic about the entertainer and the performer.
Wade Turner, Parent
Deer Creek School Grad Party, TN

...excellent!...great reviews from both students & parents!
Maryl Sponder, Parent
East High School Post Prom, IA

...nothing but good loved it!
Michele Breitsprecher, Parent
South Winneshiek Post Prom, IA amazing experience full of laughter and amazement...
Tanya Rae-Schulze, Teacher
John A Ferguson High School, FL

They loved the hypnotist!!
Teresa Hall, Parent,
Aspen School District Project Graduation, CO

...a grand success...students really loved the show!
Lissette Trelles, Teacher
Miami Sunset High School, FL

...awesome show...a great loved it!
Lisa Holloway, Parent
Warren Woods Tower High School Project Graduation, MI were the life of the party last AND adults loved you.
Sharon Barrier, Parent
Wewahitchka High School Project Graduation, FL

...engaged, laughing, and thoroughly entertained...
Erika Randall, Decorah High School Post Prom, IA

...students and parents loved you...had us in stitches!
Juli Habegger, Post Prom Chair
Pawnee City High School, NE

LOVED HIM! Best Ever.
Peter Arango, Teacher
Cate School, CA

Funny, entertaining...impressed with the pre-event contacts.
Lori Ruskamp, Parent
Wisner-Pilger High School Post Prom, NE

...highly recommend...entertaining & wholesome.
Clayton Snare, Principal
East Lake High School, FL

MADE THE EVENT! Can't wait to have him back.
Leisha Dioguardi, Grad Party Committee
Victoria West High School, TX

They were laughing so hard it was hard to hear...
Patty Lovallo, Parent
Mendon High School Senior Bash, NY

...administration was very happy...students "never laughed so hard!"
Cherry Lahar, Parent
Wichita NW High School Project Graduation, KS

...without a doubt the most captivating entertainer.
Elas Almaguer, Activities Director
Ronald Reagan High School, FL

Loved it! Want him back...
Patrick Quirk, Associate Director
The Hun School of Princeton, NJ

...very impressed with the show.
Rachel Horowitz, Activities Director
Miami Sunset Senior High, FL

...loved the part of their night!
Timm Johnson, Project Graduation Chair
Dyersburg High School , TN

Every time you perform...each show gets better than the last.
Dennis DiVittorio, Parent
Seabreeze High School Grad Party, FL

...nothing but smiling faces and laughter...
Karen Specher, Co-Chair
Fremont/Bergan Post Prom, NE

...clean and genuinely fun...exceeded all expectations.
Marilyn Blunck, Parent
Pierce High School Post Prom, NE

...rave reviews...still laughing!
Nancy Guinn, Teacher
Dunedin High School, FL

...several senior class activities this year, but Mr. Kand was the most entertaining and original.
Michel Gledhill, Senior Sponsor
Allen D Nease High School, FL

...hilarious! We've received lots of positive feedback, and the students really enjoyed the performance.
Natalie Hutchinson, Dean of Students
Charlotte Country Day School, NC I got was all positive! ...really good! ...loved it when the volunteers were up and moving!!
Julie Hardt, Entertainment Chair
Lexington High School After Prom, IL

...outstanding...My boys couldn't stop talking about it.
Cheryl Wietfeld, Parent
North Bend High School Post Prom, NE had a blast...will highly recommend you to the next committee.
Patty Hoenig, President
Lake Travis High School Project Graduation, TX has been great! The youth especially loved it...I am sure you can tell from the response...
Meredith Deborde, Board Member
Ellis County Youth Expo Banquet, TX

Fun, energetic, very crowd-involved. It was fabulous!!
Sheena McCormack, Teacher
Allen D Nease High School, FL

...showmanship and were having a blast...parents and teachers looked equally enthralled!
Michael Brown, Event Manager
Jumper Bee Entertainment, TX

Loved awesome evening the kids won't forget.
Darrin Goodson, Parent
Smith-Cotton High School Grad Party, MO

Very fun...Appreciated the intentionality given to high school audience.
TJ Mackey, Executive Dean
Interlochen Center for the Arts, MI

Awesome show!
Frank Cannavo, Parent
Marion High School Grad Party, IA

...looked forward to your performance & not disappointed.
Amanda Dorrier, Teacher
East Lake High School, FL

THRILLED with your performance.
Tammy Kerr, Post Prom Chair
Chadron High School, NE

...engaged our student body, and the cleanliness of your act allowed me great peace.
Dr Jon Jones, Campus Minister
Madison Academy, AL

…instant hit among our students & staff...amazing.
Jeremy Knapp, Principal
Port St Joe High School, FL

...really enjoyed this event.
Corey Willich, Assistant Principal
Park Hill High School, MO

…everyone roaring with laughter…totally exceeded our expectations.
Joann Gray, Parent
Marion High School Project Graduation, IA

You provide a great age appropriate show and keep everyone engaged.
Kim Eaves, Parent
Wichita Northwest High School Project Graduation, KS

...students LOVED your show!...working to get a date for next year's event so we can book early!!
Lori Mescher, Post Prom Chair
Lincoln SW High School, NE have continued to amaze both students and committee...
Kathleen Schumacher, Co-Chair
Pittsford Mendon Senior Bash, NY

...totally made the party!
Tracy Elkinton, Parent
Wichita NW High School Project Graduation, KS far the best project graduation event in (our) history.
Patti Baker, Parent
Marshall Academy Project Graduation, MS

Erick was so well received that he regularly performs at our yearly Project Graduation event. Without hesitation I recommend his performance for your organization.
Lynne McGee, Principal
Seminole Ridge High School, FL

...highlight of the evening...a HUGE success!
Teresa Finley, Parent
Dyer County High School Project Graduation, TN

...talked about it for weeks...several parents thanked me for the entertainment.
Rhoda Carsten, Parent
Kimball High School Post Prom, SD

...can approve a show which is great family entertainment.
Jamie Simmons, Teacher
J.P. Taravella High School, FL

...such a great and unique experience for the students...
Mark Vogt, Teacher
Penfield High School, NY

The students were so enticed...amazing to see how much they wanted to be a part of the show.
Lisa Vliet, Parent
Wayne Hills High School Project Graduation, NJ

They loved it!!! ...very easy to plan & execute.
Quincey Vierling, Teacher
East Lake High School, FL

...a huge success and talked about for days.
Jackie Cieslinski, Parent
Roanoke Rapids High School Grad Party, NC

...definitely recommend...couldn't go wrong with Erick Kand!
Julie McClannahan, Parent
W Harrison High School Post Prom, IA

High School Hypnotist Clients:

  • Abilene Wylie High School, TX
  • Allen D. Nease High School, FL
  • Afton Central School, NY
  • Amherst High School, WI
  • Aspen High School, CO
  • Avon Park High School, FL
  • Bancroft-Rosalie High, NE
  • Bay High School, FL
  • Baylor School, TN
  • Bergan High School, NE
  • Bishop Verot Catholic, FL
  • Brandon High School, MS
  • Burlingame High School, CA
  • California High School, CA
  • Cate School, CA
  • Central Catholic High, NE
  • Central High School, FL
  • Chadron High School, NE
  • Charlotte Country Day School, NC
  • Chiles High School, FL
  • City High School, MI
  • Coral Reef High School, FL
  • Crofton High School, NE
  • Darlington School, GA
  • Decorah High School, IA
  • Deer Creek School, MS
  • Delbarton School, NJ
  • DeSoto High School, FL
  • Detroit Country Day, MI
  • Dunedin High School, FL
  • Dyer Country High School, TN
  • Dyersburg High School, TN
  • East High School, NE
  • East Lake High School, FL
  • Eastside High School, FL
  • Edward H. White High, FL
  • Felix Varela High School, FL
  • Fleming Island High School, FL
  • Fremont High School, NE
  • George School, PA
  • Glenwood High School, IA
  • Griswold High School, IA
  • Gulf Breeze High School, AL
  • Hastings High School, NE
  • Heath High School, KY
  • Henry Sibley High School, MN
  • Homer High School, NE
  • Houston County High School, TN
  • Hun School of Princeton, NJ
  • IMG Academy, FL
  • Industrial High School, TX
  • Interlochen Ctr for the Arts, MI
  • John Ferguson High School, FL
  • JP Taravella High School, FL
  • JR Arnold High School, FL
  • Kimball High School, SD
  • Lake Travis High School, TX
  • Lander Valley High School, WY
  • Lebanon High School, OR
  • Lecanto High School, FL
  • Lexington High School, IL
  • Lincoln SW High School, NE
  • Lyons High School, NE
  • Madison Academy, AL
  • Marion High School, IA

  • Marshall Academy, MS
  • Meade County High School, KY
  • Melbourne High School, FL
  • Mendon High School, NY
  • Miami Killian High School, FL
  • Miami Springs High School, FL
  • Miami Sunset High School, FL
  • Mosely High School, FL
  • New London-Spicer High, MN
  • Nokomis High School, IL
  • Norris High School, NE
  • North Bend High School, NE
  • Northview High School, FL
  • Olathe South High School, KS
  • Pace High School, FL
  • Pacific Grove High School, CA
  • Palm Beach Central High School, FL
  • Palm Beach Gardens High School, FL
  • Park Hill High School, MO
  • Pawnee City High School, NE
  • Pierce High School, NE
  • Penfield High School, NY
  • Pompano Beach High, FL
  • Port St Joe High School, FL
  • Raymond Central High, NE
  • River Dell High School, NY
  • Roanoke Rapids High, NC
  • Ronald Reagan High School, FL
  • Royal Palm Beach High, FL
  • S. Sioux City High School, IA
  • Seabreeze High School, FL
  • Seminole Ridge High School, FL
  • Shakopee High School, MN
  • Smith Cotton High School, MO
  • Somerset Academy, FL
  • South Adams High School, IN
  • S Vermillion High School, IN
  • S Winneshiek High School, IA
  • Springtown High School, TX
  • St Edmond High School, IA
  • St Mary's High School, IA
  • St Michael's High School, TX
  • Suncoast High School, FL
  • Sutherland Public School, NE
  • Tampa Catholic High School, FL
  • Tarkio High School, MO
  • TERRA Environmental, FL
  • Terry High School, MS
  • The Pennington School, NJ
  • Titusville High School, FL
  • Vandegrift High School, TX
  • Victoria High School, TX
  • Wakefield Community, NE
  • Walton High School, FL
  • Warren Woods High School, MI
  • Waukee High School, IA
  • Wayne High School, NE
  • Wayne Hills High School, NJ
  • West Florida High School, FL
  • West Harrison High School, IA
  • West Point High School, NE
  • Wewahitchka High School, FL
  • Wichita NW High School, KS
  • Wisner-Pilger Public School, NE
  • Wilber-Clatonia High School, NE
  • and many more!!

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