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College Hypnotist Erick Känd

Interactive, Mysterious, Unpredictable, and OUTRAGEOUS!

College Hypnotist Erick Känd serves student activities coordinators with memorable campus entertainment programs guaranteed to keep everyone laughing!

This program will engage your students at levels you never thought possible.

This is so much more than just another college comedian with a pre-packaged act.

The College Comedy Hypnosis Show is an engaging performance that combines student involvement, improv comedy, and the mysterious subject of Hypnosis.

The Erick Känd College Hypnotist Show is the ultimate campus entertainment choice for:

  • Campus Activities Board Events

  • Campus Festivals

  • Comedy Nights

  • Diversity Programs

  • Family Weekend

  • Freshman Orientation Programs

  • Greek Week Unity Days

  • Homecoming Events

  • Housing & Residential Life Events

  • Move-In Day Icebreakers

  • Student Leadership Conferences

  • Welcome Week Programs

Students experience genuine hypnosis phenomena and role-play in various comedy routines designed to have your audience doubled over with laughter!

This will be one of the great highlights of your school year that will result in months of rave reviews from your students.

Why College Entertainment Boards Choose the Erick Känd College Hypnotist Show

The “Wow!” Factor of a Big Production

The College Hypnotist show is specifically designed with your students in mind. It is a fast paced, high energy show that integrates music and sound effects seamlessly into the production.

College hypnotist show audience. Tampa, Florida
Students LOVE to participate in College Hypnotist Shows!

College Students LOVE to be Hypnotized!

The majority of your audience (80% or more) will want to volunteer to become a part of the performance!

College students are drawn to the mystery and the thrill of the hypnotic experience. As a result, you can expect a HUGE turnout at your event!

Volunteers are Treated with Respect

Unlike some college comedians that feels the need resort to offensive material to get cheap laughs, this show creates outrageously funny on-stage situations that are completely engaging without ever “crossing the line”.

Every Hypnotist Show is Different

Every show is different because each show employs a new and different set of student volunteer “performers”.

Each student brings their own unique personality and perspective to the hypnotic scenarios, so the results are truly surprising and unpredictable.

The College Hypnotist show is an annual event at many campuses, and Erick Kand changes much of the content from year to year to keep everything fresh for students who come back to see the show again and again.

The result is that the audiences keep getting larger, and event coordinators can rely on a great campus entertainment program that NEVER gets “stale”.

Flexible and Fun to Work With!

In addition to an outstanding show, you can expect prompt and professional customer service.

There are minimal staging requirements. We’ll perform where you need us to perform whether it’s the school cafeteria or the drama auditorium.

Erick Känd cues his own music and sound effects via remote control, so a sound technician is not required once the sound check has been completed.

We can also provide materials for your promotional efforts in the form of press releases and camera ready artwork.

Erick Känd is happy to do print, radio, and TV interviews to promote your performance!

It’s great to play to a packed house, so please let us know what we can do to ensure that your College Hypnotist show is a smooth sailing success with a super-sized turnout!

What if we have a small campus that lacks funding for these types of events? Is there anything else we can do?

Contact us about the show fee. You’ll find the show is surprisingly affordable. You may wish to consider partnering your efforts with other departments on campus to make the program a joint-venture production.

You’ll receive a significant discount if you persuade a nearby college campus to host the show the day before or after your event (“block booking”). Finally, you can consider charging a small admission fee to help cover the cost of booking the show.

College Hypnotist Erick Kand hypnosis shows. College entertainment.
College Hypnotist Erick Känd checks in with these pregnant MALE college students!

The Best College Entertainment Hypnotist

The Erick Känd College Hypnotist show sets your campus event apart from all others with dynamic, quality entertainment and audience involvement.

Big laughs unite college audiences! This is a unique campus entertainment that students rave about.

Sharing a laugh motivates your students and stimulates morale. The positive experience of the College Hypnotist show puts a smile on the face of your campus.

Hire the College Hypnotist with a proven track record at events just like the one you’re planning right now!

College Hypnotist Testimonials

They all said they had a great time...really amazed by it!
Megan Flores, Student Life Graduate Assistant
Webber International University, FL

...loved it for sure...amazed by how quickly you hypnotized the students...turnout was great...
Citlalli Cobian, Chair of Entertainment, University Activities Board
Fort Hays State University, KS

...very entertaining...everything ran smoothly...a great event!
Jenna Keppel, Student Activities Board Night Life Coordinator
St John Fisher College, NY

...a lot of fun...still chatting about it the next day in the student center.
Adam Robertson, Director of Student Engagement & Services
Columbia State Community College, TN

...absolutely wowed the audience...have not laughed as hard as they did in a long time...nothing but great feedback from the show!
Kaya Bothe, CAB Live Chair
Brandeis University, MA

...loved the show and continue to talk about it.
Autumn McGrath, Orientation Leader
Bloomsburg University, PA

...loved it! It went over so well, and they want you to come back.
Jordyn Lepird, CAB Variety Director
University of Iowa

...exceeded our expectations...great in all aspects.
Sarah Maples, Assistant Director of Athlete Development
University of Houston, TX amazing show. Our students loved it.
Demeturie Gogue, Activities
Georgetown University, D.C.

...incredible much fun, laughed a lot!!!
Ali Neuburger, Alpha Epsilon Phi
New York University

...highlight of the night...of all the hypnotists I've booked, you were the first that had people come up to talk and thank you for the show.
Canaan Daniels, Student Life
Eastern Illinois University

...outstanding...One of the better hypnosis shows I have seen. Easy to work with, and the students had a blast.
Dave Timmann, Student Union
West Chester University, PA not only care about everyone having a good time, but you also care about the safety of all the participants.
Wendy St. Pierre, Activities Board
Bridgewater State College, MA

...captivated...students have already requested he comes back.
Sam Peterson, VP of Events
Saint Louis University

...huge hit...we haven't stopped talking or laughing about it.
Lisa Potoka, Director of Student Activities
Coker College, SC

...still raving about your wonderful performance...truly amazing.
Kipp Colvin, Director of Student Activities
Glenville State College, WV

Fun! Exciting! Hilarious!
Nellie Hermanson, Associate Director of Student Activities
University of Iowa

... entertained from beginning to end...still being talked about!
James Schnepel, Campus Activites
SE Missouri State University

...great feedback from all in attendance...Erick is incredible to work with.
Liam O'Farrell, Resident Director
St Mary's University of Texas

...seen many hypnosis shows, and yours was by far the best!
Pam Wooten, Student Activities
NW Mississippi Community College

...great feedback...still talking about it...students wanting you to come back...nailed it in all aspects.
Gracie Jordan, Director of Special Initiatives, SGA
College of Coastal Georgia

...great show! We would definitely love to have you back in the future.
Megan Searing, Leadership Program Coordinator
Nazareth College, NY

...audience was definitely filled with great energy and you "wowed" them for sure. I myself LOVED your performance. It was so funny...
Shannon Columb, Event Producer
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

...students were very engaged, and laughing a lot.
Kathleen Tucker, Director of Summer Programs
Georgetown University, DC

...students rolling on the floor...others in tears from laughing so hard.
Lindsay Phipps, Student Activities
Lander University, NC

...people really, really enjoyed your performance.
Mike Elias, Student Activities
Swarthmore College, PA incredible event full of laughter, fun & excitement!
Gabrielle Palombaro, Events
Ohio State University

...still talking about how fun and awesome it was.
Jordan Glaser, Coordinator, Student Involvement Center
St Louis University, MO

...incredible turnout of over 500 ...students asking for your return
Jennifer Zipprian, Involvement
Texas A&M International University

...standing room impressive sight to see.
Kyle Brock, Residence Life
Southern Polytechnic, GA

It was awesome!!!
Lova Patterson, Associate Director of Campus Activities
Eckerd College, FL

...definite success! ...students still talking about the event.
Andrew Vogelsang, Late Nights Chair
Salisbury University, MD

...still talking about the performance...asked that we bring you back.
Lora Pace, First Year Programs
Morehead State University, KY

...Awesome show ...Our students had a great time.
Shawn Stewart, Student Life
Tusculum College, TN

...major hit with a packed house of over 900 students.
Ferreli McGilvary, Transitional Programs
NC A&T State University

...non-stop laughs from the hard I almost started to cry.
Emily Becker, Director of Entertainment
University of Iowa

...still talking about you and asking when you will be back!
April Leach, Associate Dean of Students
Andrew College, GA

...dynamic performer...would definitely recommend having him perform on your campus!
Cassie Gilmore, Director of Student Activities
Baker University, KS

...excellent time...will definitely recommend you return next year.
Josh Bremer, Greek Week Chair
University of Missouri-Rolla

...rolling out of their seats... one of the best events we have had.
Ankita Rakhe, Student Programs
Trinity University, TX

College Hypnotist Clients

  • Albany State University, GA
  • Andrew College, GA
  • Austin Peay State University, TN
  • Baker University, KS
  • Bloomsburg University, PA
  • Brandeis University, MA
  • Bridgewater State College, MA
  • Canisius College, NY
  • College of Coastal Georgia
  • Columbia State Community College, TN
  • Delta Gamma National
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Eckerd College, FL
  • Emory University, GA
  • Fort Hays University, KS
  • Gettysburg College, PA
  • Glenville State College, WV
  • Hillsborough Community College, FL
  • Indiana Tech, IN
  • James Madison University, VA
  • Johnson & Wales University, FL
  • Lander University, SC
  • Maryville University, MO
  • Midwestern State University, TX
  • Millsaps College, MS
  • Morehead State University, KY
  • NACA Central Showcase, TX
  • Nazareth College, NY
  • New York University
  • NC A&T University
  • NW Mississippi Community
  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Ohio State University
  • Oglethorpe University, GA
  • Palmer College, FL
  • Phi Delta Theta National
  • Queens University, NC
  • Quinnipiac University, CT
  • Radford University, VA

  • Roosevelt University, IL
  • Saint John Fisher College, NY
  • Saint Louis University, MO
  • Saint Mary's College, MD
  • Saint Mary's University, TX
  • Salisbury University, MD
  • Sherman College, SC
  • South Dakota State University
  • SE Missouri State University
  • Southern NH University
  • Southern Polytechnic, GA
  • State University of NY
  • Stephen Austin University, TX
  • Suffolk University, MA
  • Swarthmore College, PA
  • Texas A&M International
  • Trinity University, TX
  • Troy University, AL
  • Tusculum College, TN
  • University of Houston, TX
  • University of AL, Huntsville
  • University of CA, San Diego
  • University of Chicago, IL
  • University of Indianapolis, IN
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Pittsburgh, PA
  • University of San Francisco, CA
  • University of South Dakota
  • University of Tampa, FL
  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Valdosta State University, GA
  • Valley City State University, ND
  • Valparaiso University, IN
  • Villanova University, PA
  • Wake Forest University, NC
  • Wayne State University, MI
  • Webber International University, FL
  • West Chester University, PA
  • Whitworth University, WA
  • ...and many more!

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