…kids found the show hilarious!

  • Organization: Charlotte Country Day School, NC
  • Event: Homecoming Assembly “Spirit Week” Hypnotist Show
  • Venue: School Gymnasium
  • Audience Size: 575 (students + faculty)

This Homecoming Assembly Hypnosis Show performance was the climax of the school’s “Spirit Week”. The school had never hosted a Hypnotist Show before, so this was a first for the majority of students.

I was selected as the Hypnotist Entertainer because of my long history doing student performances. It was clear to the administration that my clean comedy Hypnosis Show would be high school student appropriate. Faculty could relax and enjoy the performance with no concerns!

What Is Homecoming Anyway?

Every college and high school campus has their own traditions, but Homecoming events are a “welcome back to school” celebration that occurs during the opening months of September or October.

The Homecoming tradition originally began at colleges as a celebration of the first football game of the season. Special events are planned to entice alumni to come back to watch the “big game,” attend tailgate parties, and visit their former campuses.

Like a high school Prom, which happens later in the year, there is often a designated Homecoming Court with two senior class students crowned Homecoming “King and Queen.” Activities often include a Homecoming Dance which is similar to Prom, but less formal.

Homecoming Costume IdeasThat’s the Spirit!

You’ll note in the video that these spirited students are wearing costumes at the Homecoming Assembly, grouped by class ranking. In case you’re interested, here’s the breakdown on their costume themes:

  • Freshmen: Scooby Doo
  • Sophomores: Safari
  • Juniors: Candyland
  • Seniors: Pokemon

Special dress-up days are a common sight at high school Homecoming “Spirit Week” events. I’m impressed these students had the organization to get everyone dressed the same as a group!

Homecoming Assembly Comedian Hypnotist Review

Homecoming Assembly Hypnotist Comedian
Homecoming Assembly Hypnotist with Natalie Hutchinson, Dean of Students, and Matt Less, Principal.

Our faculty and kids found the show hilarious!

We’ve received lots of positive feedback, and the students really enjoyed the performance.

I also appreciated how professional and easy you were to work with.

Thanks for putting on a great show for us!

– Natalie Hutchinson,
Dean of Students
Charlotte Country Day School 


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