Hypnosis Entertainment FAQ – Here’s What You Need to Know!

Here are the most commonly asked questions about bringing Stage Hypnotist Erick Känd to your event. You’re in good hands. Erick Känd has done hundreds of performances at events just like yours!

Do You Perform at Events in Our Area?

Yes. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Erick Känd has performed in every state of the USA! He travels to all areas nationwide to perform Hypnosis Shows for appreciative audiences.

How Long is a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The Erick Känd Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is 60 or 90 minutes in length depending on the needs of your event.

Can I Make the Performance a Surprise for Our Audience?

NOT recommended! It is far more beneficial to let your guests know in advance about the great entertainment you’ve booked for them. A Stage Hypnosis Show works with psychological principles of anticipation and expectation.

By promoting your show in advance of the event:

  1. You’ll give your people something interesting to talk about.
  2. They’ll have something specific to look forward to, and
  3. Both the quality and quantity of your volunteer participation will be significantly enhanced on the day of your event.

How Should We Promote Our Hypnosis Entertainment?

There are a variety of downloadable files right on this website to help you promote your event entertainment. These include press releases, high resolution pictures, a bio-sheet, etc.

Use these files to promote your upcoming Stage Hypnotist Show in email blasts, event brochures, welcome packages, event posters, and press releases.

Should I Create a List of Volunteers for the Hypnosis Show?

No. It is in no way helpful to your performance to attempt to get commitment from any volunteers in advance.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Erick Kand will open your performance with a humorous pre-talk about hypnosis is designed to get your audience members excited to participate.

How are Volunteers Selected for a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The Stage Hypnosis Show volunteers are NOT chosen by the entertainer. In fact, each participant is actually a self-selecting volunteer. Only audience members that are highly interested in participating will be invited to come on stage.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Shows in Tampa, Florida
Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows utilize self-selecting volunteers

As expected, some people will prefer to be spectators and others will desire to be “a part of the action.”

Your performer is an expert at putting your audience members at ease with a pre-talk designed to get people excited about participating. His opening comments address the myths about hypnosis in a humorous way.

Additional interactive “suggestibility tests” with the entire group reveal that everyone has the ability to quickly enter the trance state! The end result is that you’ll be surprised by the motivation of your audience members to become a part of the show.

Do Stage Hypnosis Volunteers Truly Have Fun?

A Stage Hypnosis Show can be very entertaining without embarrassing the participants.

In truth, the committee of volunteers will have the most fun of anyone attending your event! They’re all treated with respect as the true stars of the program. After the performance, they’ll feel great, and be VERY glad they participated.

Stage Hypnosis Show Volunteers, Tampa, Florida
Stage Hypnotist Show volunteers have a BLAST!

How About Two Rounds of Volunteers to Get More People Involved on Stage?

NOT recommended! The performance is designed around a single group of self-selecting volunteers who go deeper into trance as the show progresses. The deeper levels allow for more unique and interesting skits to unfold over the duration of the performance.

While the hypnosis induction is an interesting aspect of the show, it would lose it’s charm if it had to be done twice. Think about the Hypnosis Show as something that unfolds like a movie experience. You DON’T want to suddenly change the actors, and start back at the beginning!

Remember, your performer does interactive things with the entire audience during the opening comments, so everyone is indeed a part of the action. Meanwhile, the BEST volunteers for the stage will be those people that are motivated, and chomping at the bit to volunteer as soon as they are given the chance.

What is the Cost of a Stage Hypnosis Performance at Our Event?

Posting a flat fee is impossible due to the many variables involved in planning each unique event. To make planning as simple as possible, we’ll give you an event proposal that is an all-inclusive flat fee which includes travel expenses. You’ll have an exact fee to use for budgeting purposes.

Go to the Contact page of this website, fill out a simple form, and we’ll email a proposal for your event.

Do You Carry an Insurance Policy?

Yes. Erick Känd carries a $2,000,000 entertainer’s liability policy.

What Are Hypnosis Show Technical Requirements?

The Stage Hypnosis Show can be presented in a ballroom, club, theater, or even outdoors. Any place where there is room for an audience and a performance area, you can look forward to an amazing show.

Technical Needs:

  1. Performance area of 24′ x 16′ is ideal, but not mandatory.
  2. 12-20 straight back armless chairs for the volunteer participants.
  3. Quality sound system with a hand held wireless microphone.
Corporate Event Stage Hypnosis Show Entertainment, Tampa, Florida
Corporate Event Stage Hypnosis Show Set and Ready for Entertainment!

Stage Hypnosis Volunteer Participation

Sometimes prospective clients are concerned about the willingness of their people to get involved in a highly interactive program like the Erick Känd Comedy Hypnosis Show. Put yourself at ease by reading the comments below from actual clients concerning volunteer participation. Rest assured that your group is going to have a great time!

…you set people’s mind at ease really well at the beginning of the program…we had so many people jump up!
Jon Brooks, Manager of Marketing and Events
City of Cortez, CO

…you had so many volunteers. I was not expecting that…a pleasant surprise.
Amanda Granger, Marketing Manager
FourStar Freightliner, FL

…put people at ease…no shortage of volunteers!
Bob Whitlock, Chairman
PA Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

…on stage participants had a great time… others told me they wish they participated.
Jeff Kempker, Assistant Executive Secretary
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System

…entertainer made his volunteers very comfortable…
Linda Sullivan, Executive Assistant
Frito-Lay / Pepsico

I was one of the participants…I feel amazing. I’m excited to share what happened!
Shayla DeYoung, Student
Aspen High School Project Graduation

…clients that participated on stage said they were glad they did…many said they wish they would have gone up.
Sharon Coburn, Manager Business Development

…I was worried we would not have enough volunteers! Boy was I wrong…laughter from the audience was overwhelmingly reassuring.
Lisa Fountain, Executive Director
Alabama Propane Gas Association

…many in the audience that wanted to join in, but the chairs were filled.
Randy Roush, CEO
Berry Family of Nurseries

Many could not believe the people willing to volunteer.
Mayra Erreguin, Graphic Converting, CA

…pleasantly surprised with the excitement of our volunteers.
Sally Anderson, Home Officer Manager
Credit Central, SC

…participants testify to experiencing the most relaxing feeling after being in hypnosis during your show!
Nicholle Fernandez, Manager
Citrus Hills Country Club, FL

As promised, no one was ever embarrassed and everyone had an amazing time.
Steven Bloom, DDS
Pinellas County Dental Association, FL

Everyone thought it was excellent…more people wished they had volunteered.
Kathy MacDonald, Customer Service
Cummings Printing

What amazed me was the number of people that volunteered to participate…
Ronald Deems, American Society of Highway Engineers, PA

…even the skeptical have professed interest in volunteering when we secure you for future events.
Jana Abrams, Human Resources
Atlantic Urological Associates, FL

…surprise of the evening was my boss volunteered…says it was the most relaxed he has ever been.
Jennifer Root, Director of Events and Education
Association of Marketing Service Providers, VA