Hypnotist Comedy Show in Georgia.
Hypnotist Comedy Show Event Team at College of Coastal Georgia.

…the show was amazing! The students absolutely loved it.

  • Event: Hypnotist Comedy Show
  • Campus: College of Coastal Georgia
  • Venue: Southeast Georgia Conference Center
  • Attendees: 150

Hypnotist Comedy Show Review

Thanks so much again for an amazing show. THANK YOU for the video!!! We have had great feedback from the performance. People were still talking about it in the classroom and in our dining room. We saw a ton of people posting all their social media, so people who weren’t there definitely know they missed out. We have actually heard a lot of good things about students wanting you to come back again! So, hopefully, we can work with you again in the future.

I just want to say from pre, during and post- performance you nailed it in all aspects. I appreciate you being so patient with us. I am also grateful you arrived early to ensure everything was ready and set to go. You have great promotional materials and a great website!

Thanks again!

Gracie Jordan, Direct or Special Initiatives
Student Government Association
College of Coastal Georgia


Hypnotist Comedy Show Video

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