Radio Interns Get Hypnotized

Tampa Bay radio interns get hypnotized by Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand.

Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand is invited into the studio of Tampa Bay’s 98Rock morning radio show to find out if the interns can get hypnotized?!

Play Audio: Get-Hypnotized-98Rock

Hilarity ensues! One of the interns with the nickname of “Douche” has quite a funny personality, so we really had a lot of fun with him:

  • Yelling like Tarzan,
  • Word’s greatest yodeler,
  • Screaming in Japanese,
  • Pouring beer all over his head every time he tries to take a drink, and
  • Thinking his cigarettes taste like gasoline!

We were having such a good time that the staff from other radio stations in the same building were coming in to share the fun!

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