Senior Breakfast Hypnotist Show

Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand Has Students Laughing Hyterically

…the entertainment featured a thin man by the name of Mr. Erick Kand, a talented hypnotist with one mission: hypnotize 20 of the audience members. Although there were many doubters and nonbelievers, Kand was unwavering and did not question his abilities.

Kand began his presentation by interacting with everyone seated in the audience. He managed to mesmerize everyone with his complex and inexplicable tricks.

“At first I thought it was all fake, but in the end it was very entertaining. I couldn’t stop laughing and he was worth watching,” said senior Victoria Capobianco.

A couple of interactive tricks later, Kand preceded his show with choosing twenty audience members at random. He walked around and chose lucky students to join him on stage for an experience that would stay with them forever. Although many students in the audience, and even a couple of them seated on stage, questioned the ability to hypnotize someone, they all watched closely and intently at what Kand had to demonstrate. He commenced his hypnosis by exposing the lucky twenty to relaxing sounds played on his computer. He then ordered them to follow every one of his commands. A couple of minutes later, a few students seemed to be fully hypnotized.

Senior Breakfast Hypnosis Show in Miami, Florida. Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand
Senior Breakfast Hypnotist Show

“I don’t know if I was really hypnotized or not. The feeling is really vague. It felt like I knew what I was doing but I didn’t want to stop, even if I looked stupid,” said senior Frank Diaz.

Kand instructed the lucky twenty to do hilarious things that they probably wouldn’t have done if they were fully aware of what was going on. At one point, they were told that the chair, in which they were seated, was their favorite pet. When asked what the animal was, many gave odd responses. One senior said a giraffe. Another exclaimed that the pet was a unicorn. The seniors were also told to behave like household appliances. Certain impressions of a washing machine and a vacuum had the audience laughing hysterically and uncontrollably.

“I was conscious and aware of everything. It was just a fun time, and even though it was in reality for like 45 minutes, it felt like I was up there for five,” said Diaz about his experience.