What is a Post Prom Party?

Parent committees organize the “After Prom” event to keep students safe from the temptations of underage drinking during the high risk time slot after Prom is over. The ticketed event is held at the school. The cost is subsidized by generous donations of parents and local businesses.

By design, the Post Prom Party is an alcohol and substance free event. The event usually starts around midnight, after the “official” Prom has concluded. Students shed their formal Prom attire, change into comfortable clothes, and enjoy a night of activities, food, and entertainment.

Post Prom Party Client Profile

I’ve performed several high school Hypnosis Shows for this client over the years.  The Hypnotist Show is the traditional and most highly anticipated Post Prom Party entertainment event of the evening.

All other activities stop, and everyone rushes to the auditorium to get the best seat possible. Typically over 80% of the student audience desires to be one of the on-stage volunteers.

In order to select the best subjects possible for the performance, Hypnotist Erick Känd conducts a variety of suggestibility tests with the entire audience. These engaging and interactive exercises allow the Hypnotist to quickly determine the most motivated, focused, and enthusiastic members of the audience.

Post Prom Party Entertainment

The volunteer selection process utilized by Erick Känd is extremely unique and engaging. The 20 students who are given permission to take a seat on stage are already hypnotized without even being aware of it!

The rapid hypnosis induction that occurs on stage happens so quickly, an audible “gasp” comes forth from the audience as one volunteer after another flops over into deep trance within a matter of seconds.

Less experienced performers need considerable time to elicit the trance state with student volunteers. However, Stage Hypnotist Erick Känd is a masterful performer who makes the hypnosis induction fast and entertaining.

Once the student volunteers are quickly brought into deep trance, the fun begins with a variety of comedy routines that draw upon the creative imaginations of each participant while generating peals of laughter from the audience.

Post Prom Party Idea – Culinary Delights!?

Walking Tacos are delicious!
Walking Tacos! (Image from Recipe.com)

Have you ever heard of a “Walking Taco”?

This culinary treat was introduced to me at a Post Prom Party event in Iowa. Apparently, these are a big deal in the midwest?! Walking Tacos are even sold in concession areas of major sports stadiums.

Take a snack size bag of Doritos and crush the chips into small pieces. Open the bag, and fill it with taco meat and the usual toppings: cheese, lettuce, sour cream, etc.

Genius! A deliciously mobile meal that appeals to the tastes of discriminating teenagers.

Of course, high school hypnotists do more than just sample cutting edge junk food. There’s a performance to be done!

Post Prom Party Hypnosis Shows happen in the wee hours of the morning. In this case, the performance is scheduled for 1:30am!

Post Prom Party Hypnotist Erick Känd with hypnotized celebrities!
Post Prom Party Hypnotist Erick Känd with hypnotized celebrities!

Post Prom Party Entertainment Testimonial

I have heard nothing, but positive comments about the entertainment you provided on Saturday evening.


I have already been asked if you can come back again next year!


Students and parents alike were engaged, laughing and thoroughly entertained throughout the evening.


Your professionalism, and clear communication was invaluable and extremely reassuring as I solidified final details for Decorah High School’s post prom party.


Hope you enjoyed your stay in Decorah and let’s be in touch regarding next year’s event.

Thanks again,
Erika Randall
Recreation Superintendent
Decorah Parks & Recreation




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