What Is Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is an all-night party for high school seniors held on the actual day of their graduation.

Parent committees organize Project Graduation Parties to keep students safe from the temptations of underage drinking as they celebrate their graduation day. The cost of these events is subsidized by generous donations by parents and local businesses.

Attendance at these parties is optional for the students. If the graduates perceive the event might be boring, they won’t come! The burden is on the parent committee to design an event that is spectacular, and not to be missed.

Learn how this school utilized the Erick Känd Project Graduation Hypnotist Show to transform the perception of their annual event. The positive response to the performance was so overwhelming, next year’s seniors are already anticipating the event!

Project Graduation Hypnotist Testimonial

Thanks so much for the efforts you put in to make this event memorable for our graduates. Everyone loved the show.

We will certainly be leaving your contact info for next year’s officers with a great recommendation. If I had any events coming up that required entertainment, you would be the first person I would contact. You did a fantastic job!

Did the Project Graduation Hypnotist “WOW” your audience?

YES! YES! YES! Both the graduates and the adults present loved the show.

Did the performance volunteers have fun?

They had a great time! Several of them were very shocked to see video of themselves afterwards.

Were people still talking about the Hypnotist Show the next day?

Are you kidding? The graduates are STILL talking about this show a week later. That was our goal to give them memories they will be talking about for years to come. My hope is this show is something they will all be reminiscing about at their 10 year reunion.

What did your audience have to say about the Project Graduation Hypnotist?

Our graduates were all very impressed with the show. Many of them were nay-sayers prior to attending. However, after the show they were all laughing and showing each other the videos, and laughing some more.

Some of the ones that were not wanting to attend were so glad they did, because it was their favorite thing of the night. They especially loved the dance competition toward the end. I certainly believe that this show topped off a great night, and made it an excellent night.

Any Additional feedback?

You were such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Easy to talk to and easy to instructions to follow. Your website is very well done, and is part of what made you stand out above the others when I was researching different Project Graduation Hypnotists. The performance was awesome.

Project Graduation Hypnotist Show
Project Graduation Hypnotist Erick Känd Hypnotized This Student to Meet Her Celebrity “Crush”! Highly Interactive and Engaging Entertainment!

When the officers began planning Project Graduation last August, our goal was to give the students a great experience. We asked many of the graduates from the last couple of years what they thought of their Project Graduation, and all of them said it was “boring,” and the prizes were not good. In the past, by 3am most of the students were sitting by the doors on their phones, waiting for the doors to open at 5:30am.

When we got an email from a random hypnotist (not you), it got us thinking – if we can provide them with some entertainment around 3am, and then send them home on that note, it could give them an entirely different outlook.

Seeing their faces and excitement before being released this year told us we made the right decision, and for sure hired the right guy for the job.

We have heard nothing but good things from the graduates as well as parent volunteers that were there. It’s already even spilled over to the upcoming class of seniors! One actually said they heard our Project Graduation this year was amazing, and they sure hope theirs next year will be as good.

Shawndalyn Myers, Board Secretary

Abilene Wylie Project Graduation

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