High School Assembly Case Study

Who else is looking for high school assembly ideas that engage and impress students of today?

This special school assembly program marked my EIGHTH performance at Dyersburg High School!

High School Assembly Program Ideas - Hypnotist Show!
High School Assembly Program Hypnotist Show!

The school was administering the ACT test that morning, and they wanted to provide an afternoon entertainment program as a special reward for the students. The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States.

The entire student body of over 600 students was invited to this school assembly. Since the school auditorium is too small to accommodate an audience of that size, the performance was held in the gymnasium.

High School Assembly Hypnotist Show Review

Hello Erick, I hope you had another great day.

…you definitely WOWed our students. They seemed to really enjoy it. I tried to talk to each of the volunteers and they all had a good time.

A few that had backed out said they wished they had done it…there were a lot of people still talking about the performance today.

Fun School Assembly Ideas. High School Hypnosis Entertainment Programs.
Fun School Assembly Ideas. High School Hypnosis Entertainment Programs.

1) What did your audience have to say about the school assembly program?
Everyone that I spoke to today said they enjoyed it and had a good time. One of the teachers said yesterday that several students in the audience were trying to follow along with you and get hypnotized like the volunteers.

2) Additional feedback?
I thought everything was great. I laughed a lot and saw lots of our students having the same fun. I think the best thing we did was ask two teachers to participate. The students really loved watching them.

Thanks for the great show.

Joy Norman
Assistant Principal
Dyersburg High School

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