The Erick Känd High School Hypnosis Show continues to be the top ranked activity at this annual GOFA event.

  • Venue: Henry Sibley High School, MN
  • Attendees: 600
  • Event: GOFA – Give Once and For All
High School Hypnosis Show Review
High School Hypnosis Show Volunteers Become Martian Creatures!

Henry Sibley’s annual fundraising week, GOFA, is an annual tradition of charitable giving, and a way to connect to with the community. They’ve hosted GOFA week for more than 50 years!

The events during GOFA, such as the High School Hypnosis Show, are planned and managed by Henry Sibley’s Student Council. The Student Council organizes fun activities and events that raise money through the participation of students, school staff and community members.

Students have the options of purchasing tickets to the events that most appeal to them, and the net proceeds are donated to charities. The Student Council determines which organizations receive the proceeds of GOFA after reviewing applications and evaluating the charitable causes.

I’ve been invited to perform my High School Hypnosis Show during GOFA for three consecutive years. The interactive Comedy Hypnosis Shows have continually proven to be one of the most popular events during GOFA week.

High School Hypnosis Show Review

…Erick Kand…if you have the opportunity to bring him in as a Hypnotist to your school, your facility, your group, DO IT, because it was knockout, hilarious, fantastic, funny!
-Ron Monson, Principal

I have been hypnotized on stage, and I have seen several Hypnotists over the years.
Nobody compares to Erick.
-Sue Soine, Activities Secretary


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