Post Prom Entertainment Success Story

Client Profile – Post Prom Entertainment

  • Event Venue: West Point-Beemer High School, NE
  • Time of Performance: 3 am!
  • Audience Size: 125

Post Proms are all-night parties that start around midnight immediately after the high school prom. Not every high school holds this type of event, but they’re common in midwest states such as Nebraska, South Dakota, and Illinois.

Post Prom Entertainment Hypnosis Show Performance Area
Post Prom Entertainment Hypnosis Show Performance Area

The purpose of the Post Prom is to prevent potential tragedies resulting from drinking and driving. Parent committees spend months planning and fundraising for a safe, chaperoned, alcohol free event.

Since attendance is optional, the party has to be so grand that nobody dares to miss out. How is this achieved? Fantastic Post Prom Entertainment.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows are incredibly popular with high school students. Booking a quality Stage Hypnotist for your Post Prom entertainment is a sure way to make the event a MUST attend.

Post Prom Entertainment Client Feedback

Post Prom Entertainment Hypnotist Erick Känd
Post Prom Entertainment Hypnotist Erick Känd

Performance: Excellent
Ability of Performer: Excellent
Would you invite him back? Yes!! Will look at dates for next year!
Pre-Event Preparation: Very professional!

I really liked how he picked participants based on ability to keep hands stuck together (hand lock suggestibility test).

His excellent skill meant a brief hypnosis induction, allowing more time for the scenarios and performance. We have seen some similar routines before (i.e. driving/police officer, etc.) with other hypnotists, but this was very entertaining, and a very good show for teens!

Mr. Kand incorporated a lot of activities into the hour, and kept the show moving. I like his use of sound (music and sound effects) to assist with the scenarios.

Appreciate Mr. Kand’s preparation, organization, and thoroughness. I really appreciate that he arrived very early, and kept in contact with often.

The participants were hilarious. It is a testament to the performer’s excellent skills when the hypnotist’s job looks easy, like an interviewer, and the focus was on the show participants.

I spoke with a student who is the Junior Class President, and she agreed Mr. Kand would be a good hypnotist to invite back next year!

Thank you, Mr. Kand, for making their Post Prom entertainment special and memorable!

Kristy Jahnke
West Point Beemer Post Prom (Nebraska)




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