Hypnotist Project Graduation Entertainment

My first ever trip to the famous city of Aspen, Colorado was to provide Project Graduation entertainment.

If you’re not familiar, Project Graduation is an all-night party planned by a parent committee for the entire class of graduating high school seniors.

The goal of this supervised “lock-in” party is to provide an amazing experience in a safe environment as a compelling alternative to festivities that might lead to drinking and driving.

  • Organization: Aspen School District Project Graduation
  • Venue: Aspen Recreation Center, Colorado
  • Theme: Circus (Am I funny to you, like a clown!?)
  • Attendees: 130 high school seniors
  • Showtime: 2am in the morning!

The event featured a variety of games and activities dispersed around the modern and magnificent recreation center. In addition to my own performance, there was a DJ and a magician to keep everyone entertained throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning.

Hypnotist for Project Graduation entertainment.
Erick Känd- Hypnotist for Project Graduation Entertainment.
Willing to travel through snowy mountain passes!

Project Graduation Entertainment Testimonial

Parents are challenged to find creative Project Graduation ideas that genuinely appeal to students.

An interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show a is “sure thing” that appeals to everyone. Students LOVE hypnotist shows!

Received the following unsolicited email from one of the student attendees.

My name is Shayla, and I was one of the participants in your show this evening (morning?) in Aspen.

I’m sorry if this is strange but I just wanted to say thank you so much for that experience.

I know the show was purely for comical reasons, however for me it was such an amazing opportunity.

I’ve been reading about hypnosis for quite some time now, and I was so excited to possibly have the chance to undergo it. I don’t remember hardly anything (it’s quite a blur), but I feel amazing.

I just had an urge to thank you for coming to our project graduation!

I appreciate your talent, and I’m excited to share with others what happened! Thanks again, and safe travels!

Thanks Shayla for that rave review of the Project Graduation entertainment! It means a lot to get that feedback from one of the students.

Of course, it’s the parents that actually hire me for the performance. Here’s the feedback from the parent committee, “They loved the hypnotist!”

Hypnotist for Project Graduation Entertainment Evaluation
Evaluation- Hypnotist Project Graduation Entertainment


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