Learn Stage Hypnosis Training

Stage Hypnosis Training with Erick Känd

For serious students who wish to develop the knowledge and experience to begin performing Stage Hypnosis Shows NOW!

  • Learn everything you need to develop a great business as a professional entertainer.
  • Master the techniques of rapid hypnosis that allow you to grow and prosper as a Consulting Hypnotist.
  • The secrets behind demonstration hypnosis and hypnotic phenomenon.

learn stage hypnosis training

Erick Känd reveals the secrets of Stage Hypnosis as he personally works with you ONE ON ONE over three full days of intensive training.

Each day, you’ll be working with a different training partner who’s there specifically for YOU to practice and refine your techniques while you learn.

The content is totally customized for your goals. Potential topics include:

Essentials of Modern Performance Hypnosis

  • Suggestibility Tests and Audience Participation Routines.
  • Dave Elman Induction for Individuals and Groups.
  • Instant and Rapid inductions.
  • The “Bar Stool” induction. Hypnotize anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • How to recognize when subjects are truly in trance.
  • Convincers that prove your subjects are experiencing hypnosis.
  • Responding to unusual situations.
  • Eliminating Stage Fright.
  • Developing unstoppable confidence.

Elements of a Great Stage Hypnosis Show

  • Hypnosis Pre-Talks that make people want to volunteer.
  • Stage Hypnosis routines.
  • Commanding the stage through voice, movement, and gesture.
  • How to stack your hypnosis routines to maximize entertainment value.
  • Safety Considerations.
  • Sound System Basics.
  • Music and Sound Effects.
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions.
  • Adjusting your show to the needs of different audiences.

The Business of Stage Hypnosis

  • Contracts.
  • Insurance.
  • Taxes.
  • Performance fees.
  • Getting testimonials.
  • Promotional materials and marketing.
  • Creating a KILLER promo video!

Hypnosis Training Video Review

Three full days of one on one, “no holds barred” stage hypnosis training with one of the most respected names in the field. Erick Känd will cater this personal stage hypnosis training to your current skill set and desired outcomes. You will become proficient in skills that will truly make you feel like a “Master of the Universe!”

Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Personal Training with Erick Känd – Three Days: Investment $4,500

Call (727) 403-0639 to discuss your goals and schedule your training.

Hypnosis Training Feedback

Learn Stage Hypnosis Training Review
Learn Hypnosis Training Feedback

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  1. Are you still doing these entertainment classes for someone who is considering doing this? Where are the classes held?

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