Late Night Comedy Hypnosis with Erick Känd – Laughter, tricks, and mind games. How else would you want to spend your night?

  • Campus: University of Wisconsin, Steven Point
  • Organization: Centertainment Productions
  • Event: Late Night Comedy Hypnotist Show
  • Venue: The Encore Room, Dreyfus University Center

Centertainment Productions is the primary source for student-run entertainment, programming, and campus activities at UWSP. Students are entertained and educated outside of the classroom with movies, concerts, club shows, variety acts, travel and leisure pursuits. They specialize in offering fun programs with multiple events each week.

Late Night Comedy Hypnotist Show!
Late Night Comedy Hypnotist Show! The girl on the right has been hypnotized to believe the guy on the left is her favorite celebrity, Miley Cyrus!

My Comedy Hypnosis Show was featured as a “late night” event on a Saturday night. Featured in the Encore Room, which has a low stage and close proximity to the audience, it was the perfect venue for an intimate gathering of highly energized students and members of the local community. While the event was free for students, Centertainment encourages local community participation by selling tickets at the door to non-student attendees.

Late Night Comedy Hypnosis Show Team from Centertainment Productions
Late Night Comedy Hypnosis Show Team from Centertainment Productions

Late Night Comedy Hypnotist Show Testimonial

A big thank you for your incredible show from all us at Centertainment Productions!

Overall, it appeared to me that everyone enjoyed the show. There was a lot of laughter, and talk before and after the show, all good things of course!

The audience was definitely filled with great energy, and you “wowed” them for sure.

You definitely “wowed” me. I myself LOVED your performance. It was so funny, and I was so happy we had the turnout that we did. I’d call that a success for a Saturday night!

Thank you again for your performance, and I hope to attend another one of your events in the future.

Shannon Columb
Event Producer | Centertainment Productions
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

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