In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of performing several Summer Program Stage Hypnosis Shows for the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies.

  • Organization: Georgetown University, Washington, DC
  • Event: Summer Program “Study Break”
  • Venue: Healey Family Student Center
  • Attendees: 200
College Hypnotist Entertainment Adds an Exciting Element to the Summer Program!
College Hypnotist Entertainment Adds an Exciting Element to the Summer Program!

The Summer Program offers high school students the opportunity to live on campus, meet classmates from around the world, and earn college credits. It’s a great way to get a head start while experiencing the excitement of college life.

It’s apparently quite a rigorous program, and the students are very excited to experience to get a break from their studies. The unique and thrilling experience of my College Hypnosis Show adds to the powerful impact of the hands-on University experience.

Video: Hypnotist Show Volunteers Experience “Time Distortion”

Time distortion is a common hypnotic phenomena where the hypnotized subject loses track of the passage of time while they’re in the hypnotic trance state. After the Hypnosis Show, it’s fun to ask the volunteers, “How long do you think you were on stage?”

Believe it or not, after a 90-minute performance, the most common answer is, “Five minutes?!”

When informed they’ve been on stage for much more than an hour, they’ll sometimes insist you’re trying to “prank” them!

Summer Program Hypnotist Show Review

…the show was great, the students seemed to really enjoy your performance! I was watching some of the instagram live…I gathered some feedback from the staff and they shared that the students were very engaged, and laughing a lot. They thought it was particularly funny to see students in the audience fall under hypnosis while you were hypnotizing the students on stage!

Kathleen Tucker
Director of Summer Programs, Georgetown University
Entertainment Hypnotist for Hire. College Hypnotist Summer Programs. Tampa, Florida.
Erick Känd – Comedy Hypnotist for Hire. Exciting and Interactive Entertainment for College Summer Programs!

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