Seven years ago, I was hired to perform a corporate party hypnotist show at the annual Max Arnold & Sons employee appreciation event. The audience feedback was fantastic, prompting the Director of Human Resources to rave, “Erick Kand was the best entertainer we ever had at our annual Christmas Party!”

Stage setup for Corporate Party Hypnotist Show in Kentucky.
Stage is Set for Corporate Party Hypnotist Show!

So, they decided to bring me back for an encore performance! The company has continued to grow, but it was the same great event, and a room full of wonderful people.

Max Arnold & Sons, LLC, is a family owned Kentucky based business in operation for over sixty years.

Honestly, I think they may have had me back sooner if they realized the Corporate Party Hypnotist Show evolves with the organization. I take notes after each performance, and make sure to introduce at least 80% NEW material when I return to perform for an existing client.

Corporate Party Hypnotist Show Volunteers Gone Wild!
Corporate Party Hypnotist Show Volunteers Gone Wild!

As a result, everything about each corporate party hypnotist show feels “fresh,” even if audience members have seen me perform before!

Corporate Party Hypnotist Review

The audience thoroughly enjoyed your performance as well as the participants. You definitely wowed us! It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard.

Corporate Party Hypnotist Show Feedback from Kentucky performance.
Corporate Party Hypnotist Feedback for Max Arnold & Sons performance in KY

Everyone was talking about the entertainment Monday, and still talking about it today.

Everyone was asking the participants what it was like to be hypnotized, if they remembered anything, and if they really felt relaxed afterwards.

Everyone I talked to said they were very relaxed after it was over, and even felt that way on Sunday. One participant described it as a “handless massage”.

Thank you for a very good night of entertainment! It was excellent!!
– Tom Robbins, Director of Wholesale Operations



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