On the final day of this three day conference, event planners wanted a presentation that was both engaging AND entertaining. My corporate motivational speaker hypnotist show was the perfect fit for this event!

Motivational Speaker Hypnotist Erick Känd Keynotes at Service Autopilot Conference
Corporate Motivational Speaker Hypnotist Erick Känd

Service Autopilot is a provider of cloud-based business management tools for the field service industries- lawn care, cleaning services, snow removal, pest control, etc.

Conference attendees consisted of owners and operational managers for these businesses. Typical annual revenue for attending companies is $500k to $5million.

Their software platform helps service based companies to automate systems that allow them to grow faster while by serving clients more efficiently.

The conference specifically caters to the needs of self-employed business owners looking to grow their businesses. A central theme of the event was “Next!”

  • What’s the NEXT step to grow your business?
  • What’s the NEXT step to get out of a rut when business is flat?
  • What’s the NEXT big thing in the industry?

The first two days of the conference featured content-rich keynote speakers such as Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine.

Corporate Motivational Speaker Hypnosis

On the third day of the conference, we shook things up with a mesmerizing presentation…

Client Requests: We would like this presentation to be engaging and entertaining. Leave the audience with specific takeaways they can apply to their business or personal life. Most importantly, we are looking to provide a funny and unforgettable experience.

Motivational Speaker Hypnotist Testimonial

Motivational Speaker Hypnotist Show review
Motivational Speaker Hypnotist via Conference App

Thank you again for a tremendous show! Feedback has been nothing but positive…Our attendees really enjoyed it.

Extremely positive buzz. They were talking about it at the break, and later that evening at both our After Party event, and late night at the hotel bar.

There were 10 posts regarding the show with pics to our conference app’s activity stream. All with multiple “Likes.”

I talked to 3 of the volunteers. They all had fun and enjoyed being up there – even one you let go early.  They said they would do it again!

Favorite parts were the Martians, Disco Dancing, and Immobile Legs. Many commented on how in the early (audience participation) part of the show, doing the “magnetic finger” trance and having their fingers come together.

…I wish we would have done the 90 minute show just to do more individual routines…I think the pre-show build up was good. As you can tell, people rushed to the stage and you had more volunteers than needed. The finger bit, and getting the audience involved before the volunteer selection was key. It made people excited.

Thanks again in helping bring some fun to our event.
– Brian Leist, Service Autopilot


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