An interactive, Clean Comedy Hypnotist Show is the most unique corporate event entertainment idea you can find. Sound risky? Too unusual?

Find out how this company hit a “grand slam” by entrusting their headline event entertainment to a seasoned professional. Video highlights of the performance, and rave reviews from the attendees are all included below!

Corporate Event Entertainment Video Highlights

Employee Celebration Event Entertainment

ARAG is a family-owned owned company specializing in legal protection insurance. ARAG was founded over 80 years ago with the premise that everyone should have access to affordable legal representation.

Each year the company plans a celebration for their employees, combined with an annual corporate holiday party. The company generously foots the bill for employee hotel rooms right at the venue, so everyone is able to enjoy the party without concerns about transportation home that evening.

As an entertainer, I must say that I loved the fact that the event ballroom had a built-in stage. Speaking with the sound crew, I was told this venue had seen a lot of famous names over years. It’s the headliner stage for the Prairie Meadows concert series, hosting household name bands like ZZ Top and Heart.

An interactive Hypnotist Show is the Most Unique Corporate Event Entertainment Idea
An interactive Hypnotist Show is the Most Unique Corporate Event Entertainment Idea

Brainstorming Event Entertainment Ideas

Event entertainment for the ARAG event always includes a top-notch DJ, enabling the highly-energized crowd to continue dancing late into the evening. That’s “standard.”

Pondering more UNIQUE corporate event entertainment ideas, the party committee wanted something “different from the normal.” A few years ago, an ARAG employee saw my Hypnotist Show performed at the Iowa Clinic employee appreciation event with 800 attendees. She was very confident the Corporate Stage Hypnosis Show would be the perfect event entertainment idea to headline this year’s ARAG celebration.

Corporate Event Entertainment Review

We had a fabulous time at our annual party, and you were a huge part of the success. I have been meaning to drop you a thank you, so I’m so glad you reached out first. I’m going to send this out to our team members so I can capture the true reaction to the show. I think you did an amazing job and I would definitely recommend you to anyone! I’ll shoot you an email with some of the responses once I capture them. Thank you so much for making our holiday party one to remember for years!
Andrea Morse, CFO
ARAG North America

Event Entertainment Feedback from Attendees

As promised, here is some feedback from some of our employees. It seems like everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks again for making our corporate holiday party something special. – Andrea

To be honest when I first heard there was going to be a hypnotist for the entertainment I thought, “ehhh,” and wasn’t too excited. HOWEVER once he started the show, about 5 minutes in I completely changed my mind. I thought it was fun and unique. Erick was very entertaining and it was fun to watch. My date and I both enjoyed the show.

I do not remember too much during that part of the event 😉 but everyone has been telling me it was quite fun to watch, so I would say it was a blast! I would volunteer again if given the opportunity. J

Top notch! He did a great job and certainly wowed me with the energy level that he put into the hypnotism and his ability to control the situation. I would recommend his performance to anybody seeking ideas for group event entertainment!

I thought it was awesome! Great entertainment! I laughed nearly the entire time, and I would definitely recommend the guy.

As a ‘performance VOLUNTEER’…I had a blast!
I didn’t feel like I was led to do anything I would feel bad about. J

the hypnotist entertainment was spectacular! I appreciated the family-friendly approach, to have some hard laughs! People are STILL talking about it. I’ve seen 2 other hypnotist shows, and this one surely did not disappoint!

I have been to a few of these shows before, and was a little leery on how it might go. He kept it very professional. I thought it said a lot that he covered up the ladies legs that were wearing dresses and didn’t have them do anything “risky” or embarrassing.

I felt Erick was visually and vocally very talented. He was by far the most professional and skilled hypnotist I have seen and I have witnessed quite a few hypnotists6 or 7 at least.

The only drawback I can come up with is that much of the “activities performed” during the hypnosis were popular hypnosis activities I had seen prior. For example, driving a car, best dance moves, x-ray naked goggles, and the missing body part.

Regardless of having seen these activities performed before, the participants were different, and it was a hysterical performance. I laughed until I hurt!

In the end, I feel seeing any other hypnotist perform in the future will not stack up to the experience that Erick put on.

I also must comment that I greatly appreciated the gentle excusal of those who came out of the hypnosis to avoid distraction. This isn’t always discussed prior with the participants and audience nor handled as seamlessly.

How would you like to receive this kind of event entertainment feedback from your people?

Looking for unique corporate event entertainment ideas with the “Wow!” factor? Hire Erick Känd for your event entertainment, and enjoy the benefits of hiring a professional corporate performer with an interactive show that is a proven success at events just like the one you’re planning!


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