Sales Meeting Entertainment in Canada Was “An Absolute Blast!”

The perfect fit for our sales meeting entertainment…

After a long day of educational content, attendees enjoyed the Erick Känd Comedy Hypnosis Show as the after dinner sales meeting entertainment. This conference was a sales training meeting for agricultural retailers in Canada.

Sales Meeting Entertainment Hypnotist Show was "An Absolute Blast!"
Sales Meeting Entertainment Hypnotist Show was “An Absolute Blast!”

Sales Meeting Entertainment Review

Hi Rich,
Thank you so much for your help in organizing Erick for us! What an absolute blast! We (attendees and ourselves included) have nothing but great things to say. Brandon has provided some testimonial quotes (below), and I have completed the survey below…

Thanks again!
Ashley Richmond
Agronomy Company of Canada Ltd

Based on your specific objectives for the sales meeting entertainment, how well did this program meet or exceed your expectations?

100% exceeded expectations. Booking this speaker/entertainer was a bit of a risk given our specific audience, but Erick was energetic, entertaining and completely captivated our audience.

In what ways might this speaker improve their presentation?

I really think Erick was very well prepared and thorough in his preparation for this event and very engaging. While Erick covered so many pre-presentation details with us, one thing I would maybe recommend that he suggest prior to his presentation that I wish had have done was to encourage hosts to video the presentation. There were so many unbelievable moments from our experience and lots of people trying to record this presentation…

May we have a one to two sentence testimonial about the speaker that we may use for promotional purposes?

“Erick was awesome and provided the perfect fit for our evening entertainment. His session was very entertaining and engaging and helped bring our team closer together.”

“Erick had a bunch of grown men rolling around with tears in their eyes from laughter. We would highly recommend him as a valuable source of entertainment for your sales meeting.”
– Brandon Yott, Product Development and Marketing Specialist
The Agromart Group


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