Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Comedy Hypnotist for Your Project Graduation, Post Prom, or High School Assembly

Are you on the planning committee for a Graduation Party or Post Prom event? This article will help you to secure a safe, suitable, Project Graduation Hypnotist to provide headline entertainment for your special party.

Consider passing this article on to future event planning committees, and include this valuable information in your Project Graduation Party idea file.

Whether you plan the party yourself, or you secure an event planning company, you’ll want to consider asking a prospective Stage Hypnotist entertainer the five important questions detailed below.

A reputable Stage Hypnotist will appreciate your questions, and you’ll relax knowing you’re dealing with a true professional.

Ensure the success of your Graduation Party Hypnosis Show, and your students will have a fun night they will remember for a lifetime!

1) Is the Hypnosis Show performed by a FULL-TIME Professional?

You want a performer that is knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable enough to earn a living at his craft. There are plenty of DJs, magicians, and failed ex-comedians who have taken a weekend stage hypnosis course. These people come out of the woodworks during Prom and Graduation season, and they often get hired because event planning committees don’t know the warning signs to avoid.

Sadly, these “performers” have neither the knowledge nor the stage experience to deliver a show that is both safe and highly entertaining. When it comes to your students, make sure you get a full-time professional.

Project Graduation Hypnotist in Texas.
Project Graduation Hypnotist Erick Känd is a nationally recognized, full-time professional entertainer.
(Photo: Patty Hoenig —Front Porch Photography —Austin, Texas)

2) Can you verify the Hypnotist is INSURED for the stage?

A professional Stage Hypnotist will be insured with a liability policy. Request a copy to confirm the policy exists, and is not expired. An amateur will typically not make the investment to protect themselves, you, or the students.

I have never had any accidents that have required medical attention. If it ever happens, you can rest assured I have the insurance coverage for you and your students’ protection. Real businesses have insurance. To perform without insurance is just irresponsible, but many people do it.

3) Can you verify ENDORSEMENTS from people you trust?

An endorsement or written testimonial is a strong indication that your performer is a professional that will be a valuable addition to your event. I’m not talking about a simple testimonial from a nameless person, but an ADULT that is employed or affiliated with a school district. A seasoned performer can easily provide you with an entire BOOK of client testimonials. Without that confirmation, you may find yourself in a tough position.

4) Has your Hypnotist been professionally TRAINED?

National Guild of Hypnotists
National Guild of Hypnotists

Ask the Hypnotist to provide proof that they are a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. The Guild is the world’s largest and most reputable hypnosis association. Founded in 1951, the NGH is dedicated to maintaining high professional standards and ethical responsibility among it’s members. Membership indicates that the Hypnotist has been certified by a school that is endorsed by the association. Your Stage Hypnotist should be Certified, and have at least 250 hours of hypnosis training.

5) Does Your Project Graduation Hypnotist have a great DEMO VIDEO?

View the High School Hypnotist demo video, and know what you are purchasing. Is it entertaining AND professional? If the Hypnotist has little or no track record, you can be assured you are receiving an untested show that low in quality and entertainment value. Don’t be a sucker…these are your kids!

I know two parents who unknowingly brought in an amateur who lacked confidence and could not even hypnotize the kids!

A poor hypnotic show will leave your students bored, unsatisfied, and eventually walking out of the show. That is certainly not the event entertainment of which memories are made.

The Answers Determine the Level of Professionalism

Answering these five questions will help you plan an event that is safe, memorable, and fun. You will be more relaxed knowing that you are hiring a professional Stage Hypnotist Show that your students will rave about! If you find the Hypnotist is deficient in any of these areas, it is a sure sign they may not be a true professional and there may be cause for concern.

Working with an Event Planning Company?

If you are working with a Party Planning company that recommends a Project Graduation or Post Prom Hypnotist that does NOT pass the test for the above five questions, ask yourself:

  • Are they trying to provide the least expensive entertainer (amateur, no credentials, no insurance policy, etc.) because of some benefit to the event planning company?
  • Do they make more money hiring a “cheap” Hypnotist for your Graduation Party and pocketing a higher than ethical amount of the fee you are investing?
  • Are you receiving a Stage Hypnotist who will not live up to your entertainment expectations?
  • Are you satisfied with a Stage Hypnotist who is not going to be as reliable or as experienced as you would like?
  • If not, request another Hypnotist. There are many Stage Hypnotists who are true professionals, and you don’t need to be settling for anything less for your student entertainment.

Booking Your Project Graduation Hypnotist

If you are booking your Comedy Stage Hypnotist directly, and he or she fails to positively answer the five requirements, ask yourself, is this Hypnotist just a “semi-pro” part timer? In other words, an amateur Hypnotist with a full-time career in another area? Do they come out only during the Grad Party and Post Prom season to make some extra money?

Do you want to settle for a part-time performer with little experience and no professional status, insurance, certification, proper training, etc.? Don’t risk the embarrassment of bringing an unqualified Project Graduation Hypnotist to your event. An experienced professional will be the HIGHLIGHT of your event, and become the most anticipated part of every Graduation or Post Prom Party thereafter.

High School Event Entertainment

By following these steps, you can secure an excellent Project Graduation Hypnotist. You’ll know their skill level and receive fair value for your investment. In addition, if the Stage Hypnotist is lacking in any area such as insurance, education, or experience, you’ll know the potential risks.

Good luck on the planning process! If your Hypnotist is a professional and has answered the above five questions in the affirmative, your show will be safe and memorable with no worries!

I hope this article makes your task of hiring a Project Graduation Hypnotist easier, and that your Graduation Party or Post Prom event will be fondly remembered for a lifetime!

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