Live Entertainment Hypnotist Showcase at Orlando FFEA Convention

The Florida Festivals and Events Association Convention and Tradeshow promised three days of education, networking, inspiration and innovation! They did not disappoint!

The FFEA supports event industry professionals through networking and educational opportunities. Their mission is to promote and strengthen the festival, event, and fair industry in the state of Florida.

One of the benefits of attending this conference is the opportunity to view various Live Entertainment showcases featuring a variety of talented performers. This year, I was selected and scheduled to perform right after the opening keynote speaker.

Forgets her own name during Live Entertainment Hypnosis Show
Hypnosis volunteer forgets her own name during Live Entertainment Showcase!

Each Live Entertainment showcase is allotted 20 minutes for the presentation. That’s a very short time slot for an interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show that typically unfolds over the course of an hour or more!

Fortunately we had a fun group of attendees to draw from, and I was able to get quite a bit done in that short time.

In order to get things going as quickly as possible, I did a rapid hypnosis induction with the entire audience in order to find the most highly responsive hypnotic subjects.

Live Entertainment rapid hypnosis induction.
Rapid Hypnosis Induction for Live Entertainment Showcase, Photo: VMA Studios

Those people who proved to be highly responsive to this preliminary “test” were invited to participate onstage, and then we were off and running!

Live Entertainment Hypnotist Show at FFEA Conference!
Live Entertainment Hypnotist Showcase at FFEA Conference!

In just about twenty minutes time, seven volunteers were deeply hypnotized to imagine driving race cars, lose their belly buttons, and hallucinate the entire audience was naked!

One of the volunteers was hypnotized to forget her name as soon as she started walking back towards the audience. Finally, another volunteer was hypnotized to believe he had won the lottery before he “melted” to the ground Wizard of Oz style!

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