Interactive Corporate Entertainment Makes This Team Building Event Unforgettable! is a full-service medical recruiting agency with a mission to improve healthcare by providing patients with access to quality medical care through innovative staffing solutions.

Their midyear associates meeting is a highly anticipated corporate team building event. The event featured a motivational keynote speaker, headliner corporate entertainment (that’s me!), presentations from the key officers, and the unveiling of exciting incentive programs for the coming year. It all kind of made me wish I was an employee of their organization!

The opening keynote speaker was Jeff Evans, a world renowned adventurer who guided the first and only blind climber to the summit of Mt Everest!

Corporate Team Building Event Entertainment

My Hypnosis Show served as the closing headliner corporate entertainment program. Unique and interesting for both the spectators and the on-stage participants, the Corporate Hypnotist Show never fails to engage, motivate, and unify audiences. The interactive nature of a Stage Hypnosis Show makes it the ideal program for corporate team building events.

Corporate Team Building Event Hypnotist Show
Corporate Team Building Event Hypnotist Show! is a fun group, and we had no shortage of motivated volunteers. Inexplicably, all of the volunteers turned out to be women! I guess the guys decided to sit this one out, and let the ladies have all the fun!

Many people that did not volunteer for the Hypnotist Show came up to me after the performance to say, “Now that I’ve seen the show, I WISH I had volunteered!”

Corporate Team Building Event Testimonial

Corporate team building event hypnotist. Tampa, Florida.
Corporate Team Building Hypnotist Erick Kand with Deb Zelnio
Everyone that I spoke to loved the program. Even the most skeptical people were firm believers.

The show went so smoothly, you read the audience so well and were able to keep everyone interested, engaged, and most important, you kept everyone smiling.

Well-planned, well-executed and well-received. 100% all around.

I would definitely recommend your show. Thank you.
Deb Zelnio
Vice President of Marketing


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