I’ve been performing at annual freshman Welcome Week events for the University of Iowa since 2009! These large scale orientation events draw up to 1,000 students!

However, this gathering was a change of pace, and an effort to introduce something new to the Campus Activities Board event calendar. Specifically, we were targeting students living in the on-campus residence halls.

Crowd is ready for Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer. Florida.
Crowd is ready for Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer Erick Känd.
  • Organization: University of Iowa – Campus Activities Board
  • Event: Comedy Night with Hypnotist Entertainer, Erick Känd
  • Venue: Residence Hall Auditorium
  • Attendance: 200

The plan was to have a special mid-week comedy night event in an intimate residence hall auditorium with limited seating.

Not knowing what to expect, we ended up packing the room with over 200 students! The high voltage energy was similar to a comedy club setting. Everyone had a blast!

Best Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer for College Events.
Best Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer for College Events.

Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer Feedback

Our audience loved it! It went over so well and they want you to come back. I think everyone was well entertained and enjoyed themselves.

I thought you handled the pre-show marvelously! It wasn’t what either of us was expecting, but we made it work. I will make sure to know for next time what to expect.

The performance went great! I was happy to have experienced the show from the sidelines. Post event went quick and we had minimal clean up!

Thank you again so much for being flexible and helping us all figure out the sound. It worked quite well!

Jordyn Lepird {she/her/hers}
Variety Executive Director | Campus Activities Board
University of Iowa


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