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FourStar Freightliner is a truck dealership and service facility with locations serving Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The company prides itself on a “family atmosphere.” Their strong corporate culture, combined with a track record of promoting from within, results in the ability to attract, hire and retain quality people.

They host an annual holiday party and employee appreciation event. All the attendees stay overnight at the resort, so it’s a safe space for people to let their hair down, and enjoy the evening.

Employee Awards Follows the Audience Participation Hypnotist Show.
Employee Awards and Recognition Following the Audience Participation Hypnotist Entertainment.

They’ve enjoyed great success in the past presenting live entertainment acts including a magician and a motivational comedian. For this year, the focus was corporate entertainment that provides high levels of audience participation and engagement. My Corporate Clean Comedy Hypnosis Show stands out as the top choice among the many audience participation ideas available.

The Stage Hypnotist Show immediately followed dinner. The performance built momentum and ended on a high note, creating the perfect level of energy for the employee recognition awards following the entertainment.

Listen to the crowd go wild during the “Hypnotic Dance Contest” in the video below!

Audience Participation Hypnosis Entertainment Review

I had the chance to chat with lots of people after the party, and I got some pretty good feedback. This type of an audience participation type show is exactly what we were looking for.

There is no doubt everyone was entertained. I was very surprised that you had so many volunteers. I was not expecting that, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Employees were indeed talking it about the next week at work. They got to see co-workers (and co-workers’ significant others) act in ways they’ve never seen before. They found it to be hilarious and extremely entertaining.

Some (volunteers) said they were very relaxed, while others said they had only partial memories from their time on the stage. Regardless, it made for a very entertaining and successful event.

Amanda Granger, Marketing Manager
FourStar Freightliner

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