Interactive Hypnotist Shows bring your corporate team together, and boost morale in all the right ways. Here’s how memorable annual meeting entertainment helped solidify a corporate culture already known for unique branding and community service.

Annual Meeting Entertainment Hypnotist Show
Annual Meeting Entertainment Hypnotist Show

Truly Nolen is a national company with a rich family history starting with it’s founding in 1938 during the Great Depression. The corporate culture is unique.

You may be familiar with their world famous “mouse cars.” These are bright yellow Volkswagon Bugs modified to look like whimsical rodents. The mobile billboards are hard to ignore, drawing attention to the Truly Nolan brand as a pest control company with a sense of humor and a taste for fun.

I got a ride to the airport in the Truly Nolen mouse limo. The driver informed me the converted stretch limo retains the original 1.8 liter VW engine, but it does have a turbo boost!

Hypnotist Limo Ride to Airport After Annual Meeting Entertainment
Hypnotist Limo Ride to Airport After Annual Meeting Entertainment

The annual managers meeting is held in Tucson fairly close to the corporate headquarters. My Comedy Hypnotist Show served as the annual meeting entertainment after a full day of corporate training sessions.

As you can see from the Annual Meeting Entertainment video highlights below, we had a stage full of enthusiastic hypnosis volunteers. People were coming in early to get a seat up front to ensure they would get one of the coveted volunteer spots up on the stage. Our motivated group of volunteer participants included the President of the company!

Annual Meeting Entertainment Review

Hypnotist Annual Meeting Entertainment
Hypnotist Erick Känd & Randall Hartman

It was a hit all around. Not knowing what to expect, and knowing our people, I was worried. The audience was (initially) skeptical, but thoroughly enjoyed the performance. They seemed to have a great time, both participants and those observing.  

There were a lot of people talking about those that it worked on…All in all it was a great time, and we would be open to do it again based on this years results. Thank you for your time and talents…right now all I’m getting is, “Great show, loved it!”
– Randall Hartman, Manager Training



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