Hypnotist Ken Whitener

Hypnotist Ken Whitener - The Wizard of Comedy
Hypnotist Ken Whitener

I was dumbstruck when I found out that friend and mentor Ken Whitener had died of a heart attack. It happened quite suddenly as he collapsed on a golf course near his home in New Port Richey, Florida. His wife Nancy called me the very same day.

Despite her stress and overwhelming anguish at the sudden news, she was still concerned that Ken’s bookings over the next few weeks were covered and that none of their clients were left hanging as a result of this tragedy.

I have been working with Nancy ever since to service client relationships that have been blossoming over decades of service.

Some of their clients have booked Ken year after year for more than 20 years! That says a lot about Ken and Nancy Whitener as great people who are examples of why it is such a pleasure to be involved in this unique and interesting business.

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Known as the Wizard of Comedy, Ken Whitener is one of the greatest names in Comedy Stage Hypnosis. I’ve personally watched hundreds of Ken Whitener show videos and always learn something new. Not only was he one of the most technically proficient hypnotist entertainers that I have ever seen, he was also a great showman and served as a role model for many of today’s performers.