Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Year after year the office Christmas party gets harder and harder to plan. The demands get difficult to satisfy, and the old bag of tricks may not fit the bill: DJ? Casino Night? Cover band? Magician? Seriously?

It is such a busy time of year. Your employees are being stretched to meet holiday social obligations that pop up with family and friends.  If you don’t come up with some enticing corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas, your employees might just not make it to your event! Now is the time to pull out all the stops and bring in the “WOW!” factor. Here are a couple of ideas that may add some spice to your corporate Christmas party entertainment.

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas
for Selective Audiences

1. Audience involvement

Think about ways you can get everyone involved, perhaps an interactive game, a talent show, or an American Idol type karaoke contest. The more involved everyone gets the more fun they will have. These are terrific ways to stimulate interaction.

2. Give them a show

Give them a show that will bring the group together and make them happy they are attending their holiday event. It is hard to beat quality entertainment to take someone away from the daily routine. Give them the best you got and watch them laugh and rave about the evening for years.

3. Give them variety

The band is always fun and a DJ can play great songs, but these are things your employees can experience at any time on their own. For new and exciting, you cannot beat the novelty of a variety act. Get creative, think outside of the box, and bring in a show or performer that will blow their minds. Not the same old thing, but something new and exciting and perhaps even controversial. Something that will make them sit up and take notice. Something that will be the talk of the water cooler for the next several months.

4. Give them the funny

Everyone likes to laugh. Give them some corporate Christmas party entertainment that will have them fall down laughing out of their chairs. As long as the humor is appropriate for the corporate setting, you will have a happy crowd.

Corporate christmas party entertainment comedy hypnosis show
Awesome Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Idea-
The Erick Kand Comedy Hypnosis Show!

Erick Kand was the best entertainer we ever had at our annual Christmas Party!
Lori Holloway, Director of Human Resources, Max Arnold and Sons, LLC, KY

It’s not too early…NOW is the time to be thinking about your corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas. The best entertainers will be booked months in advance, especially for prime dates in December. Planning now will insure the best options for your Christmas and holiday corporate party entertainment. Feel free to contact us for date availability, and we look forward to another wonderful holiday season.