Senior Luncheon Hypnotist Show

Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand Helps Make the Senior Luncheon a Successful Event

High School Senior Luncheon in Miami, Florida, Stars Comedy Hypnotist
Senior Luncheon Event in Miami, Florida

After all the seniors had stuffed themselves, the entertainment portion of the day began. Similar to previous years, the entertainment included a performance by a well-known hypnotist Erick Kand. Kand started his show off by selecting a group of volunteer seniors to go on stage with him.

“At first I was very eager to get picked. He passed by lots of times and then when he picked me, I felt super happy,” said senior Tipphraka Mnirajd.

While the volunteers focused on the sound of his voice, the hypnosis began. With the music playing in the background, the seniors concentrated all their attention on him.

Following his exact directions, in a matter of minutes, they were resting on each other’s shoulders. The hypnotist made the students believe they were at the beach, naked in front of an audience, performing at their first gig and other things.

“At the moment, when he started to hypnotize me I already started to feel sleepy and relaxed but after that I didn’t remember anything,” said Mnirajd.

The volunteers acted in bizarre ways which the audience found more than amusing. Many of the audience members were crying due to laughing so hard.

“I seriously couldn’t believe these people were doing these things subconsciously,” said senior Shawne Lozano.