Hypnosis Comedy Show Highlights Video – Student Project!

High School Students Create Annual Highlight Reel

I’ve been performing Hypnosis Comedy Shows annually at Allen D. Nease High School since 2009.

Just this year, I learned from the Television Production Instructor that the Senior Videographers have been creating a “highlight reel” of each year’s performance.

The final product each year is a short, avante-guarde video of 4-5 minutes with a musical backdrop of tracks selected by the students.

The short video at the top of this page is combination of footage from three years worth of High School Hypnosis Comedy Shows at the same campus. So, I guess you could call this video the “showcase” of the “highlight reels”.

High School Hypnosis Comedy Show Bodybuilders!
High School Hypnosis Comedy Show Bodybuilders!

The background music is Clappy, by Rob Simonsen. I could not use the original music selected by the students because of potential copyright issues. I certainly don’t want to get in trouble with Youtube!

Thanks to Nease Senior Video for providing the footage!

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