High School Hypnotists Discover Walking Tacos

Have you ever heard of a walking taco?

Walking Tacos are delicious!
Walking Tacos! (Image from Recipe.com)

This culinary delight was introduced to me at a Post Prom event in the charming town of Decorah, IA.

Apparently these are a big deal in the midwest?! They are even sold in concession areas of major sports stadiums.

Take a snack size bag of Doritos and crush the chips into small pieces. Open the bag, and fill it with taco meat and the usual toppings: cheese, lettuce, sour cream, etc.

Genius! A mobile meal that allows you the freedom to roam the event and work the crowd.

Of course, high school hypnotists do more than just sample cutting edge junk foods! We have to work, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.

Here’s a pic of the expectant crowd just minutes before showtime at 1:30 am in the morning:

High School Hypnotists Audience.
High School Hypnotists Audience Just Minutes Before Showtime!

High School Hypnotists Testimonial Letter

Thank you for entertaining Decorah with a wonderful show! Students and parents alike were engaged, laughing and thoroughly entertained throughout the evening.

Your professionalism, and clear communication was invaluable and extremely reassuring as I solidified final details for Decorah High School’s post prom party.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Decorah and let’s be in touch regarding next year’s event.

High School Hypnotists Testimonial Letter
High School Hypnotists Testimonial Letter


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