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Graduation Party Comedy Stage Hypnotist

I got a ton of quality video footage from this recent Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show show in Marion, Iowa. High School Project Graduation events are held on the actual night of graduation, so we’re talking about a lot of teenagers that are looking to celebrate and blow off steam!  Check out the energy in this video:

Here’s what you’ll see in this Comedy Stage Hypnotist video:

  • Volunteers hypnotized to laugh uncontrollably.
  • Driving their brand new cars (my graduation gift to them!)
  • Pulled over by the cops and trying to talk their way out of a ticket.
  • Popping wheelies on motorcycles.
  • Horseback riding- Ride em’ cowboy!

 Comedy Stage Hypnotist Testimonial

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Erick Kand testimonial letter
Testimonial Letter for Comedy Stage Hypnotist Erick Kand

Your presence made our Marion High School Project Graduation a real memory maker. Your program involved the audience and left everyone roaring with laughter.

You were the perfect choice as well as an outstanding value for our Senior Event. The material was age appropriate, respected the volunteers, and remains the main topic of any conversations related to the event.

I appreciated your professional and energetic show and was pleased that you totally exceeded our expectations. I will give you the highest recommendation for next year’s Project Graduation.

Thank you for awesome entertainment!

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