Atlanta Hypnotist Show an Impressive Sight

Standing Room Only at Southern Polytechic State University

Atlanta Hypnotist Show photo of Erick Kand
Post Atlanta Hypnotist Show Pic with Residence Life Coordinator Kyle Brock

An Atlanta Hypnotist Show kicked off the recent multi-state college tour.

The students showed up in full force, looking to unwind after a busy “move-in” day.

My FIRST time on this campus, so that made it extra special.

I was also very happy to receive this awesome testimonial letter from the Apartment Residence Life Coordinator…

I wanted to extend a Thank You from myself, the #rockonspsu committee and our students here at Southern Polytechnic State University. Seeing our student center theater with standing room only for an event was an impressive sight to see. After a busy day of students moving in and staff on their feet all day, your performance was an excellent way to wind down and have some comedic entertainment.

This was our first hypnotist on campus and we definitely plan to continue, as students were engaged with your show as well as speaking about it afterwards. As a whole, it was just as much an education piece as entertainment as not many students knew much about hypnosis.

Also, your process to work with was very smooth and easy. You are flexible to work with and understand the college atmosphere, crowd and business process. This all makes you an exceptional entertainer to work with.

Atlanta Hypnotist Show Testimonial from Southern Polytechnic State University
Atlanta Hypnotist Show Testimonial from Southern Polytechnic State University

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